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Polly Styrene

Posted by number6 , 07 November 2009 · 897 views

Foamboard baseboard
  • Gluing on one side of the box
  • Clamping a couple of sections that didn't stick the first time
  • I knew these would come in useful
  • Cross-struts stuck using the radius 'stick'
  • 90* curve cut from sheet
  • Tryout in the corner
  • Curve
  • Measuring the curve

Sliced a big piece of 5mm foamboard into a 90 degree curved board today. Used Evo-Stik wood glue - worked in the past - and small veneer pins to hold it together. I will remove the pins and encase the sides and ends in thin ply when its all set solid. This is to create low walls to stop things diving to the floor as well as to add to the stiffness. The track should probably go on an underlay of some sort. I'm thinking that the neoprene route is probably better than cork as the latter is quite heavy.

It is remarkably light and level. If you hold one end [in one hand!] there is only a slight amount of twist - perhaps a couple of mm over the length. I think this half proves that with some proper support or legs it will be more than rigid enough. Will need to test that with the heaviest stock I can find!

That's looking rather neat!! I've never had any problems of foamboard deflecting on Dunbracken and I used it for everything on that, backscene and pelmet included.

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Cross-struts stuck using the radius 'stick'

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