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5Bel- Replica 4Epb.


Replica 4Epb- Complete

Posted by 5Bel , 22 December 2009 - - - - - - · 1,164 views

Hi All,

The 4EPB is now complete, after the receipt of a package from Replica Railways. Ordered by phone, I had the items two days later. Excellent service. The motor bogie is a 5 pole Hornby one, fitted with their excellent coach wheels. The gear wheel clips off of the original wheels so it is just a matter of adding spacers and fitting to the new...


Replica 4Epb- Motor bogie

Posted by 5Bel , 25 November 2009 - - - - - - · 443 views

Hi All,
Still waiting for the 5pole motorbogie. Went in the loft and found a 3pole version I didn't realise I had! Added some brass ultrascales from a dead 25. The bogie sideframes are the MJT product, designed for the incorrect Hornby wheelbase. I have given the bogie extra pickups so it runs on its own, but will also put pickups on the trailing...


Replica 4Epb.- Transfers/Detailing done

Posted by 5Bel , 20 November 2009 - - - - - - · 910 views

Hi All,

The EPB is finished bodywise, still waiting for the motorbogie so I can finish the chassis. I still have the interiors to finish but I need to contact Replica to get them. Here are a few pics,

I will post some better pics tommorrow, when the light is...


Replica 4Epb. Glazing fitted.

Posted by 5Bel , 19 November 2009 - * * * * * · 487 views

Hi All,

A few photos to show the latest progress on the EPB. The Replica glazing really is easy to fit, and the effect is far and away above anything I could produce without it.

Now it's on to the transfers, final detailing...


4Epb- fresh fom spraybooth

Posted by 5Bel , 17 November 2009 - - - - - - · 433 views

Hi All,

Some more progress with the EPB. The spray painting has been completed and I think it has come out well. To my delight (and surprise!) you cannot see the joins in the MBSO. It needs a bit of tidying up around the cab areas and it's bufferbeams painting black. Then it will be ready for glazing and transfers. Still waiting for the motorbogie...


5Bel 4Epb continued

Posted by 5Bel , 27 October 2009 - - - - - - · 616 views

Hi All,

Some more pics of the 4Epb. The underframe bits are from Replica for their MLV. The dummy motor bogie are MJT castings on the Southern Pride bogie shell. Wheels are the excellent(and cheap) Hornby ones. It will be powered by a Hornby ringfield power bogie. This has enough power to pull an eight or even a ten car train. Just a few holes to drill for...


Replica 4Epb. Continued

Posted by 5Bel , 26 October 2009 - - - - - - · 409 views

Hi All,
Now I am up and running with the blog, I will continue with the conversion pics. The conversion uses 2 BS shells, 3 SO shells and two of the large MLV driving ends. Replica print a conversion guide for this, but I have done the DMBS differently.

BS body showing removed sections.

This is...


Replica 4Epb.

Posted by 5Bel , 26 October 2009 - - - - - - · 902 views

Hi All.
First Blog entry so please bear with me. Went to the Peterborough show with the intention of buying some bits for my Replica MLV. Ended up coming away with enough bits from Replica to make a 4Epb!!. Hopefully here are some pics of the conversion so far. .
First two...

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