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First baseboard built.

Posted by Re6/6 , 06 April 2010 · 940 views

The first baseboard has now been built for one of the 'generic' scenery sections. It has worked out very well indeed. Pink 50mm polyfoam insulation board was used, (available from B&Q at about £20 for a pack of four [1200mm x 500mm]). 100mm deep 4mm thick birch-faced ply was glued to the long sides with 'No More Nails' type solvent free grab adhesive and 9mm marine ply was used for the 'FREMO' style ends, with patternmakers dowels fitted.
Underneath transverse bracing was fitted (6mm thick x 50mm deep) to stop any torsional twisting

The polyfoam is dense enough to take 4" x no12 screws which would grip sufficiently to allow the side/end panels to be screwed tight enough whilst the adhesive takes. This saves a lot of clamping up. The bonus with this type of construction is its lightness. Upper scenery, embankments, contours will be made from the conventional white polystyrene, the sort available from builders merchants in 50/100mm thickness 2440x1220mm size sheets as it's a lot cheaper.

The next one that will be made will built allowing for an 'under rail' type bridge. Not quite worked that out yet!

All in all, I'm very pleased with the final thing. I got the idea from an old issue of MRJ, which showed the construction of the baseboards for Gordon Gravett's 'Pempoul'.

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Hi, I will be following your blog with interest, as I remember Gordon's article well and this method has been mulling around in my head for a while now. I just need to take the plunge :blink:.

All the best Martyn.
Hi Martyn. I'm glad that we've taken the plunge. It's working out as well as I'd hoped. Using pre-cut ply side pieces and ends, gluing and screwing for each of this size takes about 45mins. Obviously the longer ones (1800mm x 500mm) will take a little more time. But seeing as we will need 20+ a pretty quick assembly line is required.

The beauty of the accidental discovery that the foam will take sufficiently to hold long coarse thread screws, has proved invaluable. I've added a pic above.
Could you bring this board to DRAG next Monday John/Rod as I would very much like to see it.


Hi John,

Thanks for bringing the boards on Monday night, really is rather good. One question do you remove the screws once the glue has dried? I can't remember.



One question do you remove the screws once the glue has dried? I can't remember.


Yes you do remove them - as John and I discussed yesterday in our latest 'planning session' they just serve the same purpose as sash clamps whilst the glue is going off.