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A Test Track in N - 4: electrics

Posted by Platform 1 , in Electrics, Layout Construction 12 February 2012 · 690 views

N Test track wiring electrics
A simple track plan like this needs only basic wiring:

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  • track power feeds on each side of the box
  • connector across the hinge join
  • jumpers to isolated rails
  • jumpers to the toe of sidings.
But all wiring is on view when the case is open, so a neat job is called for.

Wires were routed under sleepers and soldered to outer edges of rails - with hindsight I should have used something smaller than the standard 2.3mm bit on my X25 iron, and perhaps attached certain wires before fixing track in position. The connector is a 4-way PCB plug/socket with just two pins used; always useful to have spare ways! The longest wire runs are enclosed with U-channel polystyrene strip stuck with double-sided tape.

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And so to testing. The amazing thing was - it all worked first time! Only powered from a 12v battery with a series 50 ohm resistor, but locos trundled round without de-railing or stopping. Woo! :imsohappy: :)

For loco control, it's intended to fix in one corner a box of home-brew electronic gubbins, so that either a battery or a small mains adaptor ('wall-wart') can be plugged in for instant running "any time, any where".

So now I'm building an analogue controller more-or-less to a circuit by Jonathan Scott (second circuit from top) using copper stripboard, LEDs, control knob and a polarity switch enclosed in a 80 x 60mm plastic box.

So all we need now is to finish that and get it working... :mosking:
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