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Slow but steady progress

Posted by nick_bastable , 09 September 2016 · 802 views

2mm canterbury area group

The latest meeting proved a minor but important milestone with a building finally planted ( that means glued ! :scared: )on the plank. Progress has been slow given the trials of track expansion and creep and subsequent repairs together with three attempts to get the the cobbled area looking right. Martins perseverance in this has been nothing short of saintly (but don't let him know that :sarcastic: ). However when I look back and realize the real time expended progress has not been to bad given we only meet monthly for a couple of hours and have been known to get diverted on occasions. Unfortunately previously prepared buildings have suffered some damage and it is clear that they need securing to prevent further damage although all should be repairable. Thwarted once again in completing the cobbled area due to a bad colour match the board was hacked and the workers cottages installed. While these dried and in the absence of much else to do serious planning took place for the other buildings and required buildings


Attached Image


Attached Image


I think we now have a plan ( although I doubt its the same one :nono: ) and hopefully we will now pick up the pace I hope we can manage the emulate the organic feeling of a town so well displayed by Edwardian in his thread http://www.rmweb.co....e-aching/page-1


Martins at Faversham this weekend with CMRC n gauge Dydley Junction do say hello



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Very nice Nick. Those worker's cottages look good I think. The "organic feeling of a town", I like that notion - but so hard to achieve in modelling. 

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