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Making a China Clay Dry for ~£35

Posted by GraemeWatson , 14 November 2014 - - - - - - · 251 views

Having purchased a single China Clay hood several years ago, in a North East Model Shop, I knew naff all about China Clay workings never mind what it was.
Having a penchant for Western Region diesels, I wanted to build a small playground end to end layout to accommodate them.
An eleven foot potential space across IKEA billy bookcases was the starting poin...


Port Neen Cornish China Clay Branchline

Posted by GraemeWatson , in Port Neen Cornish China Clay Bra 13 November 2014 - * * * * * · 547 views
Port Neen, China Clay and 4 more...
Port Neen Cornish China Clay Branchline I'm going to start uploading photos and talk about my China Clay branchline to "Port Neen".
The scenario: A Cornish China Clay dries is the centrepiece of industrial life.
A short branch line leads to a Harbour town called "Port Neen". In style, it is similar to Charlestown Harbour, Cornwall.
The layout is designed to accommodate Western Region stock, fro...


"Budget" Rail Head Treatment Train RHTT with Hornby Railroad

Posted by GraemeWatson , 13 January 2012 - * * * * - · 2,541 views
Budget, RHTT and 3 more...
"Budget" Rail Head Treatment Train RHTT with Hornby Railroad Living next to the East Coast Mainline, the Autumn RHTT is a welcome site, and often an excuse for the use of #ClassicTraction on the Great British Mainline.
After encouragement from RMweb member, friend and fellow photographer, JaymzHatstand, I have decided to post progress...

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