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Full Speed Ahead...So to Speak

Posted by mah644 , 09 March 2012 · 369 views

Full Speed Ahead...So to Speak Hello Again,

I debated whether to post again so soon, but much has happened in the brief interlude since the last entry.

Firstly, the most important part. My wife is fine, her eye injury neither serious nor projected to be long-lasting. She does, however, look like she has gone 12 rounds with someone of the renown of Jerry Quarry--and lost.

On to other things:

Received the Langley body kit for "Sir Drefaldwyn". Very fine, clean white metal pieces, practically devoid of "flash" and totally absent of voids or indications of worn molds. Had a nice e-mail conversation with Ian at Langley relative to the obvious quality of the kit and the information included with it. Until/unless a Golden Arrow "The Earl" or "Countess" kit shows up (hint, hint), this will be a primary engine on the layout, regardless of the fact that I'll be modelling 1931.

Have also had an extended series of e-mails with Peter Blackham at Blackham Transfers relative to supplying sufficient transfers to letter my current and projected future GW (ex. W&L) stock, circa 1931. He will be providing me with a proposal in due course. (He will be at Narrow Gauge North Exhibition at Leeds this coming weekend for those who may be interested; a fact I report solely because I find him to be an honest, straight-forward, friendly and extremely helpful individual with whom to consult).

I've also received a lovely little Ratio ground level signal box. Very nice castings, but I really wish UK manufacturers would provide precut window material (I'm spoiled that way by most US kits).

Ordered/purchased this week are more Peco OO9 point sets (turnouts) which I have found to cost less in the UK (including postage/shipping) than in the US, a GEM Vari-Kit "B" acquired through eBay, and several vehicles and Scout figures purchased through Taw Valley.

A SPECIAL NOTE TO READERS--If you are still with me, I'd like to express my sincere appreciation to all who have provided an overwhelmingly positive reception to a "Yank" of limited knowledge, but perhaps foolhardy ambition, into your midst. I may well be guilty of reporting too much, but my intent is merely to share, as best I can, my joy and excitement as I take the steps (sometimes baby steps) necessary to model in the same spirit that I sense that you (all) do.

With Kind Regards,


Hello Carl,

Have no fear about over-posting, we are all interested in other peoples modelling, keep at it.


Sidecar Racer
Mar 09 2012 20:21
Hi Carl ,

first off , glad to hear that you wifes eye injury is on the mend , second , to agree with
Brian , post as often as you like , we have no limit here , and you have chosen an intersting
area and time to base your model on , I have to admit to a GWR / BR WR bias in modelling
so I'm really looking forward to seeing this progress .

Regards .

Mike .

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