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Construction for Snitzl - Ballasting and Wiring Tracks.

Posted by snitzl , in Construction for Snitzl 20 March 2012 · 1,159 views

Snitzl Ballasting Wiring P4
Construction for Snitzl - Track Ballasting and Baseboard Wiring : Cork tiles are cut into strips and glued with a latex based glue. The cork tiles are also ground in an electric coffee grinder for the ballast. Discarded milk containers make great cable ties and dental floss is used to loom the wires.

Other than that, pretty conventional stuff.


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Mar 20 2012 20:37
Be careful of those cable ties - milk bottle plastic degrades and goes brittle with time. Tony
Thanks for sharing progress with us.
I'm planning to use diluted latex adhesive for ballasting and have been putting it off (on the pretext of needing to check the electrics, first!), but really because I'm a bit nervous about it, so your sequential photos are a real help.

Thanks for the comments, much appreciated.

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