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LNWR Coal Engine - stage 3 chassis

Posted by Brassey , in LNWR Locos 08 February 2018 · 349 views

The Coal Engine chassis is at a stage where it is ready for painting before the wheels are fitted.


I put some scrap 5" wheels on to see what size spacer I would need to eliminate side play. I also thought I would have to reposition the holes for the stretchers for the brake hangers because the frames are out. But surprisingly they are in the correct position all lying close to these oversize wheels. So the brake stretchers are correct to the rods!


Attached Image


My best performing loco has no side play on the fixed axle. I am aiming for this but, with my new P4 B2B gauge set at 17.75mm, it's working out that I need 0.5mm of spacers each side on this Coal Engine. Of course I don't have any spacers to that size. The closest are some Gibsons at about 0.4mm. Once it's bedded in there will be a bit of wear so chances of a bit more side play. High Level gear boxes also specify no side play on the driven axle but sometimes it's unavoidable. Anyway, I've managed to remember to remove the bearings prior to final cleaning and painting:


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Still got to drill out the holes for the crankpins on the H spoke wheels. Not looking forward to that.

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