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2-6-2 chassis progress

Posted by RichardW1 , 03 June 2013 · 721 views

The motor is mounted by machining a support ring which is then tapped to accept the thread on the motor nose. Once soldered to the chassis the motor can be mounted. I took care to align things such that when screwed in tight the connection tags are horizontal

The balance weights are fixed in place on the wheels with epoxy

And all are now ready for painting- 1st coat is cellulose red oxide[attachment=287112:image.jpg][attachment=287108:image.jpg][attachment=287109:image.jpg][attachment=287110:image.jpg]



For some reason I can't see the images, clicking them it just tells me that I don't have permission to view them - I assume it'll be the same for everyone.



I can't see them either!

Nor can I! Sorry chaps, I'll have a go at reloading them

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