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inagural run for 2-6-2

Posted by RichardW1 , 22 September 2013 · 1,177 views

A (very) short clip of the first run of my new 2-6-2 running through the Lambourn countryside.

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Sep 22 2013 20:39

Not sure the film will get you an Oscar but the running looks excellent. Look forward to seeing it in November.



Jerry, I agree no oscars (RMW's limit on file size), but I am happy with the running. I did consider a fly wheel, but it made things worse. I need t find a way to true a flywheel on the motor shaft. Richard

Hello Richard.


I am too looking forward to seeing the layout as I have never seen it. It doesnt look like the engine needs any more work to me either (apart from some weathering maybe?). I would be very happy with that.


How come you cant get a flywheel to run true if its machined on a lathe? I would have thought if its machined all in one then it would be fine? Maybe some sort of jig like what tyre people use will help?


Missy :)

The flywheel was machined as a solid piece! The problem is my awful Chinese lathe - tail stock is not quite accurate enough - i am looking at a new lathe for my birthday I am looking for your email to send you a longer clip Thanks for the comments Richard
Sep 23 2013 20:42

:locomotive: choo-choo!

Is this the one given an award at the AGM very nice.


I'm pleased to confirm that it is. Thank-you

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