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Midland Class 800 2-4-0

Posted by RichardW1 , 13 October 2013 · 1,198 views

2mm Class 800 Loco construction
This blog was originally set up to document progress on my Midland Railway modelling, and layout Maxstoke. So after a brief excursion to GWR metals, and a rummage through the gloat box, the next loco has been started. This will be based on an etched (10 thou NS) originally produced by Nick Dearnally many years ago, under the name of Lodge Coachworks. The basic etch components are reasonably well defined, Those on my etch are marginally mis-aligned, and some of the etch fold lines were less defined that they should have been, but using these pieces will be a whole heap easier than scratch-building. There is a chassis, but one of the spring hangers has etched out, and I have yet to decide if I will use the main frames.

This class of loco has outside frames, so clearances will be tight. I have therefore decided not to start with the chassis, as would be my normal process, but to make a start on the main footplate & body work, so I can check clearances as I progress.

Attached Image
The main outside frames and footplate assembly was carefully folded to shape. I found that the artwork design over estimated the curved splasher length, so I have opted to cut these into three sections. There will be a joint in the footplate at the top of the curved section of each driving wheel, but this joint will be filled in and hopefully not be evident later. They can be seen clearly in the running plate view below.
Attached Image

The cab sides have a simple pattern of rivets, that in modern etches would be half etched in. The designer in this case has half etched them from behind, a sharp scriber, is used to push the rivets out - the pictures explain the process far better than words. The cab sides and spectacle plate are then soldered up, keeping everything square.
Attached Image
Half etched rivets on cab side.
Attached Image
Punching out the rivets
Attached Image
Half done
Attached Image
All done, ready for assembly.

The basic cab assembly is now test fitted in place, after carefully filling back the inside for the rear splashers to provide clearance, making sure that all sits centrally on the footplate.
Attached Image

The boiler was first annealed to allow it to be rolled - a tricky job at the best of times, but I do find that the annealing helps. The spectacle plate has an etched line to show where the boiler should fit, This can be seen in the next picture.
Attached Image

holding the parts in place shows that there is excess material below the fire box that will have to be trimmed back. I have temporarily tacked the boiler in place on the cab front to measure and file back as required. The boiler will be removed later during chassis assembly to cut away more material to provide clearances.
Attached Image

Attached Image
This represents a full day's work, and is for me very fast progress. The next task is to look at chassis and gearing etc. But right now I'm going to have a quiet drink!

Happy days

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ERR It looks a bit small to me. I am guessing you do not model in 7mm.


This is a nice bit of model making. I agree with you that on some prototypes you just need to build all the parts at the same time, or you end up with a selecting of very nice parts that are not inclined to fit together.

Lovely bit of modelling there. 



Very nice. I've got one of these in the gloat box, so I'll be following this with interest,
Looks like it's going to be a nice little loco Richard. Congrats on your cup for the Prairie too.

Regards, Andy
Oct 13 2013 22:38

Lovely stuff Richard.



Oct 14 2013 10:20

They take ages but I do like push out rivets. Nice curvy outside framed running plate. Shame you're off the green stuff though :jester:

Lovely stuff Richard.

Thanks Jerry-you'll have to bring your one to Keen House , so I can see how JG put the mech together. Not that I want to copy it, but it might give me ideas so that I can copy it!

Thanks to all for the positive comments N15class - 2mm is big enough thankyou , mind your 3130 is very fine!

Aug 26 2014 23:20

Any progress since?

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