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A Starter for Lambourn-mechanism

Posted by RichardW1 , 25 August 2014 · 816 views

It seemed appropriate to show a picture of the bits that make it work. The servo motor is self explanatory. the brass plate screwed to the small block of ply is the main below baseboard drive. The red and black wires power the LED.
What may not be so obvious is the double crank arrangement for the signal. Just below the red and black wires can be seen a small section of copper Mercontrol tube, a steel wire attached to the signal is guided through this to a small hole on the crank, which is very close to the pivot screw. Now to get this wire bent in the correct place is no easy task, so the crank is mounted on a swivel link. the pivot for this is to the left of the crank pivot. this enables the position of the crank to be adjusted to suit the actual position of the bend in the operating wire. Once set the swivel arm is locked in place with Cyano.

The next pictures show that I have actually now fitted the ladder, and made good the hole in the platform. only the finial and spectacle film to add.

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Portchullin Tatty
Aug 25 2014 22:26

I would be a little careful with such a substantial direct link from the servo to the signal.  Servos are quite powerful and will think nothing of yanking the operating wire right out of the signal! 


There is a risk that this will occur when you set the signal up and also if it does any twitches or other oddities (the servo boards do from time to time).


Introduce an omega loop?

Aug 26 2014 13:11

If using the full range of the servo then that won't be an issue. 

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