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Updating stock for Lambourn

Posted by RichardW1 , 19 April 2015 · 948 views

After spending a great day at the controls of JBS' Ashburton layout, I was very impressed by some of the very simple conversions of proprietry stock. Operating to a schedule was fun too, giving some meaning to driving trains- at least it is not aimless. Trying to get a particular movement for each train adds purpose and keeps the mind going.
Lambourn needs horse boxes, the last outing at Aldershot exposed a real lack of appropriate stock, and Richard Brummitt's great conversions of the Lima box described here some years ago showed the way.
From the soapbox this took a two nights of graft, and an hour in the pain shop, definitely worth the effort.

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Apr 19 2015 15:35
Splendid stuff Richard. Jerry


I look forward to seeing this progress.  I'll have to have a rummage to see if my old Lima horse box is anywhere about in the loft (although I think it got dumped years ago).  I was going to draw up a couple of early versions with a view to getting them 3D printed.


I really enjoyed seeing Lambourn at Aldershot/Farnham, have you got any other shows booked?



Apr 20 2015 12:12

In the near future Lambourn is going to Epsom this weekend and Expo in June.

What a difference it makes to the horsebox. Considering its age, that Lima body looks pretty good too. They could make OK things when they wanted to. 

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