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Epsom Show

Posted by RichardW1 , 29 April 2015 · 976 views

The show at Epsom went well. (Thanks to Justin and Mark for their time operating etc). The new MERG Shuttle work well enough, although the deceleration/delay times could be longer. This may need either a reset chip or adjustment to resistor /capacitors.

The Platform siding rails at the board joint took a bash loading into the car - although repaired a bit they will need relaying.

Valentin brought along his new C Class which runs as well as it looks.

The operating schedule didn't last long- too complex- I understood it , but no-one else could so rethought required there I think.

There was a microswitch failure two days before the show that would have stopped everything, so temporary measures were taken to rectify this and they worked well over the two days, but the operating linkages are getting a bit slack after 30 years so a review of these will be needed, with a program of TOU replacement.


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Apr 29 2015 13:16
Glad it all went well Richard and good to see the visiting locos policy being extended although it's about time Mark chucked a bit of paint in the direction of the Aveling! Valentin's C looks particularly nice.


To be fair Mark did say the Aveling was 'nearly' ready for painting!  I reckon sometime next year would be a possibility.

Sounds like you had a good time. The bit of damage must be dealt with. I had a tiebar break at one show and used a peice of thread to hold the two halves together. Next show an my co-operator said hang on there's a bit of cotton caught round the tiebar. I had completely forgotten to fix it. Still the temporary fix lasted out.

30 year life is pretty good for the turnout linkages. Are they all manually operated?


Hi Don Yes they are all manual, operated from a lever frame, and wire in tube. I may well experiment with minx micro drive TOUs, using the lever to operate a microswitch to control the unit. ...on the other hand I may simply use MERG servo system, there are already a spare two outputs on the servo controller. Depends on how strong I feel the tie bars are. The minx unit can exert quite a force during calibration. Richard

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