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D&S high sided Syphon

Posted by RichardW1 , 27 June 2015 · 991 views

At Chelford I managed to acquire three of these kits from Jerry's bits stand, and thought that they would compliment Lambourn well, I later learn that fish was also carried in these wagons. Anyhow two weekends later and progress is good. The kit goes together well, but in future I'll add the details to the framing before fitting to the sides. Less of a heat sink that way.

So a few bits to tidy up then the paint shop.,,,Attached Image
Then brake rigging and decals
Attached Image
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I missed them. Looks good.


Jun 28 2015 18:36
I didn't know these had been done in 2mm once upon a time. These will be a good addition to Lambourn Are there just two layers to the sides?
Hi Richard Yes the floor, sides and ends fold up into a box. The framing is an overlay, from thicker material. There are a lot of bits to add on. There are w irons and chassis parts, but the w irons are 12 mm and too tight even for 12.25 axles, I'll raid the bits box. Two end varieties plain and with end doors are catered for.
John lewsey
Jun 29 2015 07:39
Hi Richard that looks good I must say that I thought your layout looked superb loads of different scenes and thanks again for letting me loose on it for a while it's the first time I've operated a layout great fun Regards John

Looking very nice Richard, I really must progress the Richard Brummitt versions that I have part built!  


Are you coming over to the Midland Area Group meeting tomorrow?



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