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Manning Wardle No 5

Posted by ullypug , 12 September 2017 · 594 views


During the rather enjoyable exhibition at Expo EM Autumn this weekend, I started to think about the gap in my loco fleet, namely no 5. It was one of the engines that didn't have a name.
This was one of the two engines the line purchased from new, the other 'Walton Park' being too heavy for the line was transferred to the East Kent Railway.
No 5 as far as I have deduced was a Manning Wardle class L, modified with disc wheels. I'm still trying to find out whether an accurate drawing exists as the one published in the Colonel Stephens Society newsletter many moons ago has a number of errors.
Assuming nothing will be forthcoming and armed with some decent photos and some known critical dimensions, I've sketched up a first draft of a working drawing. It's going to have to be a scratchbuilt job of course but I have wheels, motor and the gearbox so I should be able to start cutting metal soon. It's not terribly big, scaling out at 90mm and it sure is an ugly spud, but it had a certain charm!
Also attached are a couple of photos from the weekend exhibition.

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Sep 12 2017 22:54

it should make a very interesting model a step to far for my own 2mm skills

it sure is an ugly spud, but it had a certain charm!

You sound just like my wife.


But seriously, that should be an interesting build. I like the view between the trees!

Captain Kernow
Sep 13 2017 08:30

Lovely sounding project, Andrew.


If you're still undecided, I'd definitely fit the third set of wheels, though!

Hi Andrew,


I'm certain you have more information to hand than I do - and photographs of drawings stretch them in all sorts of directions - but I wonder whether as drawn there isn't a bit of foreshortening of the wheelbase and thus the centre section of the loco? There are some quoted dimensions of MW L class here:




It may simply be that the wheels there are a smidge big? Whatever, ugly though the thing was, I like it!



I agree with Adam. the raitio of the wheels to wheelbase in the photo differs from the drawing either the wheelbase is longer or the wheels smaller IMO.

The greystone buildings in the last photo are spot on for the area.



It may be the perspective of the photo but the 'upperworks' in your drawing look far too tall relative to the wheels and wheelbase (which actually look ok to me)

Nice to see pencil and squared paper - so much better than CAD ...

Thanks for the replies folks. Adam - It's interesting because I thought I used those dimensions: Wheels - 3ft 1/2" Wheelbase - 10ft 9 1/2" (5ft 5" + 5ft 4") Grate Area - 7 and a 1/4 sq ft Weight - 17t 7cwt and full 21t 6cwt Height - 10ft 9 1/4" Width - 7ft 6 and 1/8" Length (over buffers) - 22ft 4 1/2" The curator of the Colonel Stephens Museum has since quoted the following: Manning Wardle records (per Fred Harman) show No 5 as a standard L class but fitted with 3 ft 0 1/2 in cast iron solid wheels, a larger 650 (against 475) gallon water tank, stovepipe chimney (reported subsequently shortened) and steam brake. Key dimensions of the L class were Wheelbase 5 ft 9i n + 5ft 6 in Length over buffer beams 20 ft 3 in Width over buffer beams 7 ft 1 in Boiler 3 ft 2 in diameter , 8 ft 2 in long I'm not sure about the latter set of dimensions though. I think I'll have to have another go. Yes Tim paper and pencil. I'd have used tracing paper and ink if I'd had any!

I'm coming to the view that 'standard' and Manning, Wardle, are concepts that don't necessarily belong together!


I think most of the apparently 'lost' length must be at the cab end which looks a mite short (assuming the tank is the correct length as drawn). How are you doing the wheels? L&Y Pug? Or something more creative?



I built a 7mm one of these a short tank version but with the large cab and very small bunker.
Thanks for all the comments. I appreciate your viewpoints!
I've redrawn a couple of times. The latter quoted dimensions from the museum must be a standard as they just don't get anywhere near scaling against the drawing. Let's see if I can edit and upload the new drawings.
Oh and the wheels are about the only thing that's probably right! I'm using Gibson and will infill either with etched nickel silver or plasticard . I have a plan so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel...
I built one of the short tank but with a very similar if not the same cab. From what I remember the wheel base was the same either side of the centre wheel. Or only inches in it.

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