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Profile Milling: Getting there...

Posted by Ruston , 11 June 2018 · 243 views

Today I happened to be in Leeds, so I took the opportunity to call in at Pantograph Services and get a new cutter, plus have a few of the old ones that I have been given re-ground.


Earlier this evening, and with a new cutter in the machine, I tried again. I have found that rather than attempting to take several shallow cuts it is better to take one at full depth and go slowly. The resulting piece is fine this time. Actually this is the third attempt now as on the second attempt the whole cutter head became detached whilst a cutter was in it and it was spinning at 13,000rpm. The drive belt remained attached and the cutter went sraight through the sheet of brass, through the sacrificial sheet of ply wood and buried itself in the cast iron baseplate. I suppose I should have gone around the entire machine to make sure every nut and bolt was tight before starting, what with it having been stored and possibly taken apart at some time before I got it...


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Jun 11 2018 18:33
Nice job, you’ll have lots of RMwebbers knocking on the door with sheets of brass, now.
Great progress. Looks just the part and I'm glad you're unscathed from the incident! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the project...frames next?

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