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I need a collie!

Posted by Jaakko , 28 February 2013 - * * * * - · 492 views
I need a collie! “Well, a nice sheep flock but the most important thing is missing: ME!” That is what my Shetland sheep dog Helga seems to be thinking…If you model Welsh landscape you definitely need sheep, a lot of sheep indeed. I recently purchased some 4 mm scale sheep from Dart Castings to populate my Welsh field. First I painted the sheep spraying them all over matt...


Caravan Camp

Posted by Jaakko , 27 February 2013 - * * * * * · 1,105 views
Cambrian Coast
Caravan Camp Caravan camping sites were one of the characteristic features of Cambrian Coast. Again Geoff Plumb’s excellent photo archive homepage gives several nice examples (e.g. http://plumbloco.smu...v9ww&lb=1&s=A??).The following little cameo is not based on any real location but I hop...


Country Lane

Posted by Jaakko , 26 February 2013 - * * * * * · 912 views

The road surface, intended to represent a macadam country lane, is first covered with a liberate mixture of Polyfilla, abrasive blast sand (grain size 0.1 – 0.7 mm), PVA glue and Woodland Scenics earth undercoat colour using a stiff old brush. I then sprayed the road surface with numerous different shades of grey enamel paints. Finally I scattered a littl...


Dry Stone Wall

Posted by Jaakko , 25 February 2013 - * * * * * · 953 views

I have been using Hornby’s Skaledale ready-made dry stone wall products recently.The wall units are glued down by using a hot melt glue gun. The small gaps between the units as well as the gaps underneath the wall are filled with ready-made drywall filler. I like to work with the dry wall filler because it is an easy medium to carve afterwards if needed i...

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