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GCR Edwardian Mainline Stock- Part II

Posted by James Harrison , 12 August 2017 · 212 views

Picking up the three ex-Triang Caley coaches again; last time I had cut down the bodies to achieve lookalike versions of GCR 1905 mainline carriages.


I then started to look at the carriage ends; I would have to sand down all of the detail and then rebuild. The ends of the GCR carriages being panelled, and the Caley coaches re-using Mk.I ends.


I then recalled I had six Hornby Gresley carriage ends in a spares box lying idle. These won't be quite right but they are at least panelled, and in any case will be closer to what I'm trying to achieve than would fettled Mk.I ends. So the carriage ends were cut away and the Gresley ends fitted.


Posted Image


I then primed the bodies, not in readiness for final paintwork as such but more to highlight areas still requiring attention.


Posted Image


The all-third.


Posted Image




Posted Image


Brake composite.


I went for a green paint partly as an experiment, partly to use up old paints in the paint tin. I have many shades and tins of green that see little to no use, also a shortae of space for colours I do actually need (a dark green, various shades of brown and teak, black and greys). So I'm using the lesser-used paints for priming purposes.


I then started to blank out the extra windows and doors with plastic sheet- you can see this most clearly on the brake composite.


That done, I have started to remove the bogies. The carriage ride height is too high- the mounting bosses need to be cut down- but also the original bogies were damaged and needed replacing. I'll be using Bachmann Gresley/ Thompson bogies as replacements.

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They look much better in green. They never did look like anything the CR had....... 

James Harrison
Aug 13 2017 08:52

They've got a distinctly.... I don't know.  I'm tempted to say Southern but then again the colour isn't a million miles off and probably influences that impression.  I once bought one which had been repainted in brown and it looked very like a North Eastern coach. 


I guess this is just going to show that if you take all of the smaller details off there's very little to suggest which company a carriage belonged to, unless there's something obvious like a bow-ended roof or vertical matchboard panelling.   

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