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A real mixed bag

Posted by KH1 , 12 October 2017 · 495 views

Firstly a big thank you to everyone who helped out at Tewkesbury at the weekend - a really enjoyable show. I would have some pictures but only ones are on Simon's phone and he hasn't sent them me yet.........


All available time this week (and that is not a lot), has been spent trying to sort out problems from the weekend before the next show at the end of the month in Holmfirth.


Finally got around to adding even more weight to the 3D printed wagons to try to tempt them to stay on the track a bit more often. The A has had a false floor of lead added with a petrol can load attached on top. The B has had a couple of lead filled 80 gallon drums and some wire fixed in. The C's have had the whole of the underside filled with lead and have done a little articulation thing on the bogies to stop them turning in on themselves.


Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image


The Baldwin Gas Mechanical was rather unhappy due to a wire rubbing on one of the wheels so in a move that seemed to take all evening I pulled out the chip and stay alive, hacked the inside of the body around a bit and refitted both. As you will see I can now refit the jack shaft which was being blocked by the chip - only thing is I have to find it first!


Attached Image Attached Image


One of the Baldwin 4-6-0's has had some attention around the cylinders as it was noticed that it was shorting on points. When something fails at a show, I normally use the 'yellow masking tap of shame' to identify what has had a problem. Only trouble this time was that it took loads of paint with it. A good excuse to try out a three part 'real' rust solution I have had for ages. maybee a little too much rust?


Attached Image


Still not happy with the pick ups on the 20hp Simplex so have taken a leaf out of the Pont du Ferme chaps books and have added track wiper pick ups. Not terribly attractive but at the moment seem to be doing the trick.


Attached Image


And finally the Alco - problem identified as the stub axles spinning in the tufnol muffs so ruining the quartering. More Loctite 290 needed.


Attached Image

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The Baldwin 778,  "too much rust ?"--- dunno, but it looks like it's been in a war !...... it's an acquired skill  "Extreme Weathering"!


I have dreamed of a trench railway for the past eight years and have been attempting to find the parts needed to move forward. Now I find your amazing blog to help me better piece everything together. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. It appears I have some reading to do. 

Larry AKA BigLars

Glad you like ! Just let me know if you need any help with anything.

Glad you like ! Just let me know if you need any help with anything.

Thanks for the offer, I'm sure I will need lot's of help.

I have a built protected simplex from Wrightlines and some cannon kits from Duncan Models. Working with a UK vendor to buy some PLM Castaway figures and trying to track down Wrightlines WD cars on ebay. I also have a couple of friends helping do some CAD and 3d printing of some equipment. Fun times.

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