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A New Toy And Quite A Large One!

Posted by KH1 , 06 December 2017 · 443 views

A New Toy And Quite A Large One!

As we are coming rapidly to the time of year for giving I have entered completely into the spirit and have given myself a rather large pressie! Of course money isn't important and it is the thought that counts and I have put quite a lot of thought and effort into this and only a modest amount of money so I am very pleased!


I have known about these for quite some time and have been the grateful recipient of the product of Trevor's on a few occasions but the hunt for my own has finally been fruitful. I could of course just thrown money at the problem but apart from not really having any and it not really being satisfying anyway my patience and ground work has paid off.


Can't really keep this suspense going for much longer so what I no have taking up a large chunk of my garage is a 1960's vintage Taylor Hobson CXL Pantograph Egraving / Milling machine. I effect these are huge Etch O Sketch machines the principal being that you make up a pattern and then the machine mills as many of it as you want. The secret though is that they can scale down so you can make the pattern up to ten times bigger than the finished article, it being much more accurate to make the pattern bigger.


The machine came from a company which no longer used it and needed the space while being more interested in it going to a good home than financial gain. With thanks to Trevor for making the trip over from Wales and then another 100 miles of motorway with me, we got it dismantled and snugly stowed in the back of the Freelander. An uneventful trip back then posed the problem of how to unload it without the help of the two burly blokes who loaded it for us. Well we managed it with only mild language but lots of ingenuity but getting the top casting back on the plinth defeated us for now. This machine really is very, very solid and massively over engineered - they certainly don't make them like they used to! A plan has now been hatched to build a small scaffolding tower around it and hoist the heavy bit up onto the base with this. Once we have managed this I only need to get some suitable cutters and engraving grade brass and then decide which of the various projects in my head gets worked on first!


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Make sure you get some slide oil on the slides to keep them bright while you’re waiting to use that splendid looking device! ;)




Hi KH1, I have the exact same Taylor Hobson pantograph  in my workshop, use it mainly for loco frames, wheel tools, even done some complicated injection mould tools, it's not 3D but its still a very handy machine that will give great results.



WD40 and a tarpaulin already deployed!


I think loco frames are going to be the main use for this machine - am going to get the little Bagulay project moving again soon but this time split frame and rubber band powered.

Richard Jones
Dec 07 2017 22:23
I would make space for one of those, if it turned up!

Now that looks like fun. 

WD40 is not an oil, it's a water dispersant (hence the name). Get some proper oil on it. Car engine oil will do, good old 20-50 is good.


By the way I am jealous!

Ah! Got plenty of good old oil as have a good old car sharing garage and leaking plenty of it! 

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