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TTTT3 and magnets

Posted by KH1 , 08 July 2018 · 219 views

TTTT3 and magnets

On the Tracks to the Trenches 3 web site there is a doomsday clock clicking down, guess it is not actually ticking down to doomsday but feels like it right now!


Just after the last show over three months ago I decided to ditch the Zamzoodle couplings and go for something else. Unfortunately much of these three months was taken up with deciding which ones leaving precious little time to actually fit them. I will leave a description of the (highly modified), couplings for another time but in order to make them work properly some electro magnets were needed. Luckily I was given some beautiful, and very large ex GPO devices and bits of last few days and all of this one have been taken up with fitting and wiring them. All of this to the sound of the SVR's 40's weekend drifting over - there are only so many time you can hear We'll Meet Again before you become fundamentally damaged. A real live Hurricane using our house as a tuning point for it's display managed to off set it a little though.


So here we are everything fitted and wired in and possibly the most boring picture I have ever posted;


Attached Image Attached Image


Actually, I lie - THIS is the most boring picture ever!


Attached Image


It shows a barely concealed giant electro magnet below the track. All I have to do now is finished the long connecting leads to the panels and test it I guess, before desperately fitting the new couplings to all my stock before Friday.


If you want to meet a completely exhausted man who now thinks railway modeling is a form of torture do pop over to Apedale!

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Sorry for your struggles, I am following and learning. I just fought the axel issue and am not sure I am done. 

I wish I could make the flight over for the show. I will be interested in the coupling options you picked as a winner. I an using u shaped pieces of wire to connect my cars. 

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