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New Circle Line - or should that be Neue Kreislinie

Posted by Maurice Hopper , 14 September 2018 · 237 views

Some weeks ago I took a set of my laser cut circular baseboard parts (as featured in previous posts) and added some side extensions to make the base for a circular FiNe 1/160 scale layout for my Germany N stock.


The boards were widen by carefully cutting some 'crescent' shaped pieces of 6mm ply to go on the outside or inside of different boards to carry scenic extensions. As can be seen in the pictures, the 'crescents' were glued to 25mm high pieces of 6mm ply slotted in between the upper and lower layers of the baseboards. The support pieces protrude out far enough to carry the extensions, mostly on the radius line, but some are at odd angles on the narrow extensions which also coincide with limited depth into the space between the two layers of the boards. The extensions purposely overlap the baseboard joins to help reduce an visual emphasis on that feature.


This work will allow the station building to stand inside the circle next the the passing loop and for some vertical elements of scenery on the outside of the board to the left of the station (as seen from the inside). The track on this board will also be slewed sideways to reduce the feel of the continuous radius curve following the centre line of the boards. There will be a fiddle yard area, off-scene, opposite the station.


Each board will be covered with my remaining stock of 25mm modelling foam, which will then be profiled for below track scenery, before cork and the track is added. once all is working well, the above track scenery will be added. This may well be in done using alternative methods such as cardboard 'egg box' type construction. The sides will be finished in 1mm ply once the scenic profile is formed.


Operation of the three points will be with mechanical lever/switches local to the point and signalling will be the German fixed board system for branch lines, "Nebensignale", so no moving parts there.


Attached Image


Who needs a drone when one can stand over the layout?


Attached Image


The layout 'balanced' on the work shop bench, with the vice fully extended. The plan is to operate from the middle with the layout either on a set of legs, two small tables or suspended on ropes from the workshop ceiling. It might just show up at an exhibition, so it will have to be modelled to be viewed from both sides!

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Sep 14 2018 16:40
When you say “both sides”, are you referring to the annular nature of the layout? I can see how easy it would be for exhibition goers to look at the outside, but isn’t there a chance of seismic disturbances as they crawl underneath to get a look from the inside?
Maurice Hopper
Sep 15 2018 13:15

Comment in next posting.....   with a picture!

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