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PKP Px48 build from a GLR Models 3D Print Cont:

Posted by 46444 , 12 December 2013 - - - - - - · 695 views

Evening http://ngrm-online.c...efault/wink.png

Bit of an update on the Px48 build after spending three days in Cambridge on a course I've had the day off and in between things have managed to make some good progress fitting brass bits I've cut out.

Sorry about the photos-they're quick workbench shots taken with my HTC.



All that glitters is.....Brass! GLR Models PKP Px48 build continued.

Posted by 46444 , 07 December 2013 - * * * * * · 624 views

Work has continued on the GLR Models 3D printed PKP Px48 kits today.

As I've mentioned previously these 3D printed kits are like a blank canvas and offer many variations in the level of detail you want to add. In this case and as with many Continental locos it's going to be pipeworktastic but for the time being I thought I'd concentrate on getting the ma...


GLR Models 3D Printed PKP Px48 build. Part 2

Posted by 46444 , 04 December 2013 - * * * * * · 1,409 views


Well the GLR Px48 kits arrived from Shapeways on Monday courtesy of UPS. ;) I'm impressed with the kits and Richard has done a good job of capturing the shape of a Px48 well.

On examination there's a little 'stepping' from the print process on the rear of the tender but generally everything is crisp and forms a blank canvas to add the detail to...


PKP Px48 build from a GLR Models 3D Print

Posted by 46444 , 28 November 2013 - * * * * - · 1,295 views
Px48, PKP, HOe, Poland and 1 more...

Once more another modelling project that is different to the norm and will spur a small layout.

Before I start I need to thank two people. Firstly, Castle on this forum for making me aware of the PKP Px48 through his thread on a visit to Poland and actually driving one of these locos. Here's the link to his photos and accompanying commentary:...

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