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Sproston - now a Gresley BG on the branch!

Posted by sigtech , 11 June 2018 · 322 views

Hello everyone, well I suppose this was inevitable, I have given in and purchased ANOTHER BG - this time it is a 61'6" Gresley one, ( and very nice Hornby model ) in BR maroon. This will make a pleasent contrast to the BR MK1 BG from Bachmann, in crimson and cream that I purchased last month. This will also be the last vehicle for which I have two sets of B.K. modified couplings for - so technically my last rolling stock purchase. - We shall see...


Attached Image ]Attached Image


Since then both models have had new lamp irons fitted, using my normal method of small staples and matt black paint ( Humbrol 33 ) to enable them to carry a tail lamp - if necessary, the Gresley model has had its inside sidewalls and ends painted brown, and the end gangway doors a scruffy teak colour. The ride height has also been adjusted using a couple of homemade fibre washers fitted over the bogie pivots. The pics will hopefully explain it all...Still to do is paint those horrible shiny buffers matt black!


Attached Image Attached Image
Attached Image Attached Image


Other little jobs involve fitting an extra driver in the rear cab of the class 22, and also in the rear cab of the 'bubblecar'. I have found that for a diesel or dmu to arrive with an obvious visible crew in the cab, only for the unit to depart later on with the leading cab empty is not a good look!! ( problems of a branch terminus ) Steam locos of course do not suffer this problem. So a compromise is to fit a single driver into the rear cabs - I suppose he could always be hitching a ride or route learning...


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That seems to be it for this month - more goings on from Sproston next month...comments - good or bad always welcome!

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