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The Legge Lane MPD Blog


Legge Lane died today

Posted by Focalplane , 01 December 2017 - - - - - - · 382 views

But the turntable will live on to represent Barmouth Junction west of Penmaenpool.


New Priorities

Posted by Focalplane , 13 June 2017 - - - - - - · 190 views

I went out early this morning to cool off from the current heatwave hitting southern France and had a hard think about modelling priorities for the next few months. Lots of people are promising to show up and even one extra baseboard module is going to be an inconvenience within what is a not very large apartment, so I have decided to delay baseboard con...


Next, the engine shed

Posted by Focalplane , 05 June 2017 - - - - - - · 422 views

More ballast has been added, completing the left side of the turntable. So now I need to finish and add the engine shed, already started several months ago. 
The structure is shown here placed roughly in position but minus the bothy on the left hand side: 
I have ordered some plastikard paving to add to the floor under the shed. This wil...


More scenery added

Posted by Focalplane , 03 June 2017 - - - - - - · 344 views
More scenery added to Legge Lane over the past few days, including track painting, ballasting, ground cover and now an embankment. 
This track is the entry/exit road to the rest of the railway. 
A shot of the latest loco, destined for Penmaenpool, sitting on a short spur off the turntable. The two adjacent roads access the engine...


Scenic trials at Legge Lane

Posted by Focalplane , 22 May 2017 - - - - - - · 372 views
Scenery, Ballast
Scenic trials at Legge Lane Although Penmaenpool is now my main future layout (even if it doesn't have a home at the moment) there is every reason to continue with what is essentially my kit building test track - engine shed - turntable apartment layout. Penmaenpool had a small engine shed, so scenicing Legge lane is a good test run. 
Here is the latest attempt at ballasting th...


46512 transferred to Legge Lane

Posted by Focalplane , 07 May 2017 - - - - - - · 365 views
Ivatt 2MT, 89A, San Cheng and 1 more...
46512 transferred to Legge Lane A new loco arrives at Legge Lane: 
Ivatt 2MT 46512 arrives at Legge Lane from 89A Oswestry Shed. A San Cheng brass loco, painted by Coachmann, and one of his Gauge O locos for the aborted Oswestry layout, it will now run on Penmaenpool. It runs well and the sound file is excellent. it will look just right agead of a local passenger train c...


Legge Lane gets lit up!

Posted by Focalplane , 02 February 2017 - - - - - - · 284 views
I have spent parts of the past three days installing a lighting system above Legge Lane. Here are two photos showing the progress so far: 
The long stretch over Legge Lane to the opposite wall needs an extra ceiling support, so that will be done once I buy the parts. With a full 24 watts of LED lights I can see what I am doing witho...


A little progress!

Posted by Focalplane , in Legge Lane II 0 gauge 11 January 2017 - - - - - - · 169 views
After a long hiatus, there is reason to add an entry. Poor lighting of a model is an important reason for not being as active as one might be. Certainly the current setting of Legge Lane only works at certain times of the day, so some additional artificial lighting is very necessary, particularly during winter time. 
I decided on a wired system but...


Workbench Topic in 7mm+ Forum

Posted by Focalplane , in DCC, Techniques, Kitchen Car, LMS Compound, 14XX 24 November 2016 - - - - - - · 158 views
7mm, Gauge O, Focalplane
A quick note to direct anyone following this blog to my new workbench topic: 
This blog will from now on only contain posts relating to the layout, not the locos, coaches, etc. that will populate it.


Modern Outline Kits 14XX - 5

Posted by Focalplane , in Legge Lane II 0 gauge, 14XX 13 October 2016 - - - - - - · 628 views
Modern Outline Kits 14XX - 5 Over a week ago I left France and the 14XX in an almost finished state prior to painting, etc. The remaining parts will be fitted later this year when I return. These include the buffer beam piping, auto train parts and various pipes and conduits. Otherwise, there is not much more to do. I was tempted to try to finish these additions but good sense pr...


Modern Outline Kits 14XX - 4

Posted by Focalplane , in 14XX 30 September 2016 - * * * * * · 538 views
Modern Outline Kits 14XX - 4 The lost wax brass castings on my work bench are slowly disappearing. Yesterday I built up the backhead, ready to insert into the cab interior which was also masked off and painted. 
Later in the day I painted it, scratched off some of the paint to reveal copper pipes and dirty brass gauge frames, and added some prints of gauge faces. ...


Modern Outline Kits 14XX - 3

Posted by Focalplane , in Uncategorized, 14XX 27 September 2016 - - - - - - · 809 views
Gauge O, 14XX
Modern Outline Kits 14XX - 3 Back to the current kit building project, the GWR 14XX. This is slowly progressing with most of the etched parts assembled on the body but there still remain dozens of brass castings to the added, including the add on auto gear kit from Peter Roles. 
The first photo was taken a week ago and hows the beginnings of the body taking shape. The boiler is...


LMS Jubilee Sound Demo

Posted by Focalplane , in DCC, Jubilee 26 September 2016 - - - - - - · 169 views

Having successfully uploaded one sound demo, here is another. It's a Lee Marsh Jubilee, 45688 Polyphemus , one of the famous Bushbury Jubilees that pulled the Midlander in the late 1950s. It came with a DCC sound chip which has a number of interesting features. First the classic Jubilee whistle, second a very authentic coasting "clank" that is featured...


LMS 4F Sound Demo

Posted by Focalplane , in 4F, DCC 26 September 2016 - - - - - - · 186 views
4F, Gauge O, DCC, sound, video
Coachmann (Larry Goddard) is having great fun with his new indoor outdoor layout, based on Oswestry . DCC sound features prominently and as he says, with good sound you can "drive" a train far more realistically. His latest video is of an LMS 4F and it sounds very good. My own sound chip is different (Digitrains Zimo) and has some original 4F recordings i...


Modern Outline Kits 14XX - 2a

Posted by Focalplane , in Techniques, Legge Lane II 0 gauge, 14XX 18 September 2016 - * * * * * · 540 views
14XX, MOK, 7mm, Photos
As promised some "current status" photos: 
First, the chassis. Two views of the nearly completed chassis. The motor and (4) pickup wires need to be soldered to the 8 pin sicket and it needs to be fixed in place roughly where it is. The decoder will be fitted in one of the tanks and plugged in as the body and chassis are mated. 


Modern Outline Kits 14XX - 2

Posted by Focalplane , in 14XX 17 September 2016 - - - - - - · 221 views
14XX, MOK, 7mm
A quick post to update on the progress so far. The chassis is nearly complete, just need to wire up the plunger pickups. Running in has started and the compensated suspension seems to be working OK on the Poppy's test rig. 
The body has been started and here the tab and slot technique really comes into its own. The design is quite superb with soli...


Modern Outline Kits 14XX

Posted by Focalplane , in 14XX 04 September 2016 - - - - - - · 992 views
Modern Outline Kits 14XX Officially, summer is over. In the South of France the school holidays are over and most French holiday makers have gone back to work As is often the case in northwestern Europe, the following week can have excellent weather and our thermometer revealed 36ÂșC at 8 p.m. This is hardly perfect conditions to restart kit building, but I was ready to open a...


Dog Days of Summer

Posted by Focalplane , 27 July 2016 - - - - - - · 141 views

Since penning the half year report I have managed to do very little modelling. This has been due to many visits from family and the need to close down my work bench, etc. But the urge is definitely there to continue once they all leave! 
Meantime I will miss Guildex Telford. So that means Reading is the next Gauge O meet I can attend. 
I have...


Semi-Annual Review

Posted by Focalplane , in Legge Lane II 0 gauge 28 June 2016 - - - - - - · 200 views
2016, Legge Lane
As the end of June approaches I have had some time away from modelling to reflect on progress so far this year. Having just read my end of 2015 entry with plans for 2016, I see I am ahead of my planned schedule for Legge Lane Gauge O. 
Essentially, I have one and a half locos done so far, the turntable has been completed and run in, and the track has...


LMS Kitchen Car - Primed

Posted by Focalplane , in Legge Lane II 0 gauge, Kitchen Car 09 June 2016 - * * * * * · 576 views
Kitchen Car, Midlander and 2 more...
LMS Kitchen Car - Primed A good place to stop and report on progress. The Sidelines Kitchen Car has been sitting on one side for too long so this past few days there has been a concerted effort to get it advanced to the current state - fully primed, ready for final painting inside and out, glazing, lining and adding a final few items. This may take a while as I will need to ass...

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