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The Beginning

Posted by Crosland , 14 July 2014 · 1,109 views

Through a bequest to the 2mm society and with help from the society (thanks to the Oxford area group for storing it) I am now the proud owner of part of the late Tony Andrew's 2mm finescale layout.

I hope to find the time to blog as I restore and hopefully enhance the layout. Here is an overall shot of the layout:

Attached Image

The baseboard construction is interesting :-)

Attached Image

A nice surprise were the (potentially) working and illuminated semaphore signals. This is the result of a somewhat over bright 1W Cree LED torch (sorry for the poor focus):

Attached Image

A farish Jinty with association replacement chassis arriving on scene:

Attached Image

A somewhat posed arrangement :-) The eagle eyed will spot the lack of couplings on some and N gauge couplers still to be removed from others:

Attached Image

I need a name for the layout. Suggestions on a postcard...

All for today.

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Andrewsfield would seem appropriate.

Hello Andrew.


Its really nice to see the layout preserved for the future. It took some effort removing it from his loft so its nice to see that effort rewarded by someone taking it on. I really hope you enjoy it and I look forward to seeing it on here and possibly at a show sometime in the future.


Julia :)

Having refurbished a couple of elderly layouts for their new owners, I can assure you that this type of baseboard construction was not unusual! Trying to sort out the logic behind the wiring can be excellent exercise for the mind!

Jul 15 2014 07:36

Hi Andrew,


I'm really pleased this has found a home. I was one of the trio of members who went up to extract the layout from the loft and, as Julia said, it wasn't designed to be moved!

I look forward to following your progress on here.




I'm glad you managed to give this a new home, and wish you well in it's restoration.  I look forward to seeing the progress.


Hi Andrew,


I'm pleased that the layout has found a good home. That woodwork does look somewhat 'interesting'!


Good luck with the restoration work.



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