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The Name

Posted by Crosland , 15 July 2014 · 753 views

Thank you for the comments and encouragement.

I've settled on a name. But first, meet Arnold

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Arnold was a much loved family pet who is sadly no longer with us.

Arnold was a rescue catand I now have a rescue layout (can you see where this is going?), so...

The layout will henceforth be known as Arnoldale. Playing fast and loose with etimology, it comes from the old English and means the valley of the powerful eagles :)

Arnoldale is somewhere in deepest Yorkshire where ex-L&Y, LNWR, Midland, LMS (and anything else that takes my fancy) locos will be seen, just as soon as I've built them :)

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Seems good enough to me.  A real sense of affection giving rise to the name (lovely looking cat) and a sense of mystery and antiquity with 'Arnoldale - the valley of the powerful eagles'.  'Deepest Yorkshire' where all kinds of railway companies meet - and presumably compete?  Great scene-setting, we're all now eagerly awaiting Chapter one...

Don't get your hopes up too much :-)

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