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Last chant for the slow dance.


Last chant for the slow dance 3

Posted by Sylvian Tennant , 20 June 2015 - * * * * * · 504 views

So, it's done. I have managed to finally create a monster.

I messed with time an history and it brought me to this place.

The dark and brutal world of British mainline steam in the 1980's.

Many have scoffed that it was far fetched, and yes it because frankly steam didn't survive on the mainline after 1968 as a revenue earning arm of BR.

But it's nice...


Last Chant for the slow dance 2

Posted by Sylvian Tennant , 16 May 2015 - * * * * * · 404 views

A taste of things to come guys.

I managed to hand paint the bodes ready for the transfers and gave chassis and uncleaned bits.

I haven't yet added the separate parts and wondering if I should it before or after weathering.

I'll give you a speculative history on this individual loco at my next post which should show the finished article.


The last chant for the slow dance

Posted by Sylvian Tennant , 18 April 2015 - * * * * - · 447 views
8f, br blue, modern image and 1 more...
Well here's the part finished 8F I was working on. It does work too which pleases me a lot.

I need to try and remember what I've put on now.

All I really know is that due to the type of model it is that a lot more work went into it than I had originally envisaged.

Saying that, I have really enjoyed this build and I've been itching to get the p...

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