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Strive for progress, not perfection.


Good and bad news

Posted by Charlie_k , 25 May 2018 - - - - - - · 133 views

The retaining wall is finished bar a few capping stones...

...but it is 2in short of the bridge at the near end. Will need to put in a plain section and hide it behind some trees. There is a patch of waste ground there already. Thanks for looking.


Back to the wall.

Posted by Charlie_k , 22 May 2018 - - - - - - · 120 views

Despite having no problems with my spray glue before, today it just wasn’t up to the job and the printed paper simply peeled off the card after an hour or so. Nothing worse than trying to squeeze glue in without a trace. Finished 4 retaining walls, 4 more to go.
Been working on the workshop, windows and edging stones now on. Remembered to paint the inside...


Time to move along

Posted by Charlie_k , 21 May 2018 - * * * * * · 172 views

I’m done here, I’ll be finishing the goods crane when I begin work on the overhead at the far end. Seems to make sense so they can be finished at the same time. The veg weren’t the easiest to dress up, but they do the job. I cut a couple of them up so they could be used in different ways.

These still look a little card like, from a distance their okay,...


Mostly done in this area

Posted by Charlie_k , 17 May 2018 - * * * * * · 215 views

Got to give this time to settle in now. The greenhouse was touch and go for a while, particularly while looking at it in situ and thinking that the back face ‘glass’ was so clear it looked like I’d missed it out...given that it was all planted, I had a few choice words.

It’s missing some planting and general detritus, good news though, the pigs got...



Posted by Charlie_k , 14 May 2018 - - - - - - · 274 views

Started to work for a few minutes and spent an hour on the allotment, fitted light into the factory. More difficult than I thought, going to make up some frames tomorrow and a greenhouse. Had to coax a pig down from a tree for this photo. Strange how they get about when I’m not looking....

Just holding off doing the brewery I suppose. Better keep goi...


Burning the midnight oil

Posted by Charlie_k , 12 May 2018 - * * * * - · 286 views

Managed to get the leds I was after, 8mm warm white. Must remember to paint the insides of the buildings black before assembling from now on if they’re to be lit.

Will mount switches along the front panel for individual control of each building.

Looks like they need a draught excluder in the office.
Thanks for looking.


Moving along

Posted by Charlie_k , 11 May 2018 - - - - - - · 265 views

Continued to make retaining walls and move along the front edge. Extended the waste ground, still some work to do but happy so far.

Began to work on the hard standing before the bridge using the workshop from the Metcalfe engine shed, the height of the buildings will gradually increase towards the left hand end. Glad I’ve got the brewery on the shelf as...


I wasn't going to do this...

Posted by Charlie_k , 09 May 2018 - - - - - - · 330 views

The mundanity of making retaining walls required an antidote in the form of adding some life...

What is worrying is how the pigs get about...yesterday they managed to get on the roof, when I started today they were looking over the fence. My wife denies all knowledge... Thanks for looking.


Decisions, decisions...

Posted by Charlie_k , 03 May 2018 - - - - - - · 357 views

Modellers block for a couple of days, pretty sure the Metcalfe brewery will go in the middle of the shelf.
There are some nice combinations creating a long platform servicing all the buildings, so this would suit the long straight track at the back.
At the left hand end I'm thinking of combining a couple of warehouse kits to make a large structure as a co...


Day of heavy digging...

Posted by Charlie_k , 30 April 2018 - - - - - - · 346 views

First thing this morning the site team moved in and lifted the hard standing. Luckily there was a bit of heavy machinery on standby which sped up work.

Frank watched it from the cab as nothing was moving. He hasn't said much but he wants the site work finished so he can get some steam up and move some goods.

Grounds a bit wet yet, so the guys wanting...


Don't forget to varnish powders....

Posted by Charlie_k , 29 April 2018 - - - - - - · 322 views

Disaster! Well maybe not entirely....Missed the column when varnishing, as I added the details my massive fingers did their best to undo a good hours work. Carried on with the additions, and repainted before a lighter job on the weathering. Seems to fit in more anyway. Realised I'd also lost the water pipe, but luckily found a piece of heat shrink that wa...


Water tower on verge of collapse...

Posted by Charlie_k , 28 April 2018 - - - - - - · 350 views

Still fine details to attach and dereliction around the base, came out a bit more corroded than I wanted, and needs a matt varnish.   Thanks for looking.


Time to move on.

Posted by Charlie_k , 27 April 2018 - - - - - - · 295 views

Capping and weathering done, time to begin moving down the backscene, 2 feet complete except for the front area. Already paved but still lacking ideas. Any suggestions?

Now to move on to the retaining walls, then got to think of the industries. A Metcalfe brewery, warehouses and small factory and entrance in stock along with an engine shed. The engine...


Almost finished here...

Posted by Charlie_k , 26 April 2018 - - - - - - · 304 views

The coach turned out better than I thought, weathering is not something I enjoy and although I'd like to, I can't bring myself to touch the locos. Just some small parts for the windows and then weather the facing side of the bridge. Got to block the exposed end as well. Maybe something for later...should get it done in an hour if I put my mind to it....


NRM visit

Posted by Charlie_k , 25 April 2018 - - - - - - · 99 views

Waiting for paint to dry on the water tower and rail for window dressing.  Inspiration from the NRM, always worth a visit. 

  Thanks for looking.


Except for weathering and some capping...

Posted by Charlie_k , 24 April 2018 - - - - - - · 370 views

Except for weathering and some capping... Just need to add a few caps and then weathering to finish. Coach is back in but not finished yet. Had to stop because I ran out of glue...

 Thanks for looking.


Bridge heading to the finish

Posted by Charlie_k , 23 April 2018 - - - - - - · 329 views

I thought today's target was optimistic but got to stop while the ballast dries. Mixed thoughts about the coach now, might act as a bonus storage siding for a few wagons.

Busy day...thanks for looking.


Bridge progress

Posted by Charlie_k , 23 April 2018 - - - - - - · 299 views

Moving on slowly, track painted, bridge nearing completion, coach partially finished. Trees only in place for planning. While I was at it realised that I'd not finished painting the track on the main lines, so spent some time finishing that job. Looking to complete later today and hopefully having ballast drying overnight. Thanks for looking.


Basic materials gathered

Posted by Charlie_k , 22 April 2018 - - - - - - · 291 views

Spent an hour adapting existing parts to fit the length of the bridge, still a bit of work here, capping stones are ready to go. Sprayed up the grounded coach body, currently drying in the garage. Cut the spare track and cut the tabs between sleepers before removing a few and distressing. Ground cover will need to be a lot finer than everywhere else for g...


Bridge planning

Posted by Charlie_k , 20 April 2018 - - - - - - · 263 views

Since deciding to move the double width bridge to this end, now got to work on what happens as it hits the back scene. Possible going for an abandoned track, lots of opportunity for trees and ground cover to hide the far end where the corner is. Fiddle yard entry through right hand arch. Going to create a flatter wall behind the factory, retaining wall pu...


Over a significant number of years I've been collecting locos, models and other bits that I thought would be useful if I ever got around to making a model railway. For the past two years, I've had more time and finally got around to making progress and made space for this shelf layout. This is my first layout, and is more trial and error than anything else as can be seen in the entries. I like the speed at which Metcalfe models can be built, and with a bit of effort improved, not so keen on plastic kits but I'll see how it goes. This is very much a learning process. I have no idea how it will look by the end, I'm just making it up as I go along.


Thanks for taking an interest in my efforts. It is much appreciated.



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