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Time passes so quickly...

Posted by Charlie_k , 12 February 2018 · 347 views

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It's been a long time since I posted, the layout has progressed, but is still some way from completion. The track was laid, not without issues and the learning curve has been steep at times. Peco solenoids are controlled from a control panel and NCE powercab. I finally understand how electrofrog points work, the back scene was painted a couple of weeks back and have been placing the hard standings for the buildings. The warehouse has been dropped at the moment and the factory became a practice piece, it's not fixed yet as things change as more is added. The last electrics will probably be a bus for tapping off for leds, not much really but if I don't allow for it now I'll probably regret it in a while.
Tomorrow the paving will be finished, I'll extend the led feed along the back scene, and drop the baseboard back down onto the bench, at the moment it's precariously balanced on 2 boxes to allow access underneath and at long last I can attack the rest of the buildings. I might almost know what I'm doing by the time it's finished...
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Thanks for looking.

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That's looking really good. The sky is very effective and I love the fire. Well done!
Mad McCann
Feb 13 2018 19:43

If the intention was portraying a chilly winter's afternoon in 1965 it has succeeded admirably. A really nice vignette.

Thanks for the kind comments, I've had a lot of bits for a long time and it's starting to come together now.

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