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Today's work and overview

Posted by Charlie_k , 13 February 2018 · 353 views

Completed most of the hard standings, gaps to be filled and some edges to complete. Cleared up stray ballast and thought about adding a goods platform...
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Factory at the far end just short of entrance to the fiddle yard (such that it is).
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The control panel linked to a cobalt ads8. Switches are wired to operate pairs if necessary, 2 or 5 will operate both points
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Still not sure about the location of the buildings, warehouse windows and retaining walls interfere. Haven't really thought about the back edge yet. Just going to bite the bullet and get on with it.


Thanks for looking.


Over a significant number of years I've been collecting locos, models and other bits that I thought would be useful if I ever got around to making a model railway. For the past two years, I've had more time and finally got around to making progress and made space for this shelf layout. This is my first layout, and is more trial and error than anything else as can be seen in the entries. I like the speed at which Metcalfe models can be built, and with a bit of effort improved, not so keen on plastic kits but I'll see how it goes. This is very much a learning process. I have no idea how it will look by the end, I'm just making it up as I go along.


Thanks for taking an interest in my efforts. It is much appreciated.



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