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No plan ever survives contact....

Posted by Charlie_k , 13 September 2018 · 361 views

Well, work got the better of me, but I was determined to get somewhere so 30 minutes on Tuesday to build the crane (what a great kit), sprayed it Wednesday morning before work, finished first swipes at weathering last night. Looks like it could be a derelict, so maybe using some ratio ‘halt’ platforms perhaps as a newer drop off point. Lets me make the ground between crane and bridge waste ground, so maybe some abandoned rails and other rubbish. Letting it settle for a day or two now to see how it looks later. Built up a hoist for the coal yard, just waiting for it to dry before finishing.
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Better get that factory finished...
Thanks for looking.

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Great work Charlie_k. That second photo could easily pass for a photo of the real thing. That rusty crane is outstanding.



Thanks Mick, glad you like it.


Over a significant number of years I've been collecting locos, models and other bits that I thought would be useful if I ever got around to making a model railway. For the past two years, I've had more time and finally got around to making progress and made space for this shelf layout. This is my first layout, and is more trial and error than anything else as can be seen in the entries. I like the speed at which Metcalfe models can be built, and with a bit of effort improved, not so keen on plastic kits but I'll see how it goes. This is very much a learning process. I have no idea how it will look by the end, I'm just making it up as I go along.


Thanks for taking an interest in my efforts. It is much appreciated.



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