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Move Every Mountain.... Help!

Posted by wollastonblue , 10 October 2017 · 385 views

OK so as things have started to progress, I have realised that I have made 2 massive mistakes:


Attached Image


I tried the loco is both directions the weekend, and it got stuck in the tunnel, which in my opinion is probably down to dirty track.


Attached Image


I have built a plaster and wire structure to go over this helix and it's too big.


So which leads me to ask for advise. I need the 2 helices covered in order for scenery and to give the impression of the helix style tunnels that are on the RhB, but also due to the tight radius of the curves, give me access to clean the track and get to any possible derailments.


What would others do in my situation? Do I build it out of hardboard, and the plaster the relevant scenery required or its there something else I can do?


Thank you in advance for any help or advice.

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Hmm, its never a good idea to have track you can't get at. It always needs cleaned and things always go wrong. 


Ok, So you need a removeable mountain. I have used foamboard to build up scenic areas. Now if you made a contoured moutain structure on a foamboard base and then put some support battens like you have done only lower the whole thing could just sit nicely over the spiral , yet be easily removed for access. 




shows something of the kind under construction.


I'm sure if you search out stuff on american model railroad sites they will have lots of ideas, they do tend to go in for hidden spirals and curves. 

Oct 11 2017 09:49

I've got some Polystryene Sheets that should do the job. I think I know what I need to do now. Thank you for your advise Dave.

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