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Stour valley dream - fiddleyard cassette shelf and more work on J20 tender

Posted by Fen End Pit , 08 January 2019 · 276 views

As today wasn't too cold I managed to get out to the laser-cutter and cut the the two sheets of ply needed to make the cassette shelf for the fiddle-yard. This is a single board nearly 6 feet long which is held on the wall by some ply brackets. The shelf is now on the wall and I am really happy with the result.


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I also managed to get the point to my fictitious 'mill siding' laid. I've used the new Peco bull-head rail joiners to join the point to the plain track here and they are excellent for joining rails on a curve. I'm wondering about revisiting the layout of the trackwork in the mill siding, I'm trying to balance not squeezing too much in with the desire for a wagon turntable and/or a headshunt to allow for a tiny industrial loco (I've got both a Barclay fireless and a Ruston 48DS which it would be fun to run).


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I did a bit more work on the J20 tender, I was struggling getting the front of the tender as clean as the rest because there is no way to hide the soldering inside. I put the tender behind my D16/3 which used the same tender and realized that actually most of the area is hidden under the cab roof and you just can't see it. I think a coat of 'Stratford special black' will cover a multitude of sins.


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So the next jobs is to cut the little 'corner board' which sits between the mill board and fiddle-yard, this board is about 2' along each side and just has the single line of the main line on it. I also need to mark and cut the cork for this and the mill board. So back to TurboCAD for more drawings or maybe I'll get distracted by that tender again...



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