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Posted by Vistisen , 02 December 2017 · 584 views


Wow almost six months since the last post, it’s just as well I’m not doing this for a living. As always, I seem to be dividing what little time I have to several different fronts of the project
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Baseboards are now almost finished I have tested that the storage yard boards fit under the existing Hatch branch line. And the solution seems to work ok. There will be enough space to get for ‘hand of god operations, but not really enough to do train assembly operations. The main open frame boards are made including a five sided one. There are two boards left to make which will join the main lines to the storage boards. These will have to wait because all the wiring on hatch has had to be redone as it was too untidy to allow trains on the storage lines to run unimpeded. This means that I cannot put the storage boards in place until the wiring is finished. I have chosen to go for the DCC Alpha system which means that I have just four bus wires to go between each baseboard. I have found some 4 pin XLR sockets and pugs that can cope with the current necessary. At the moment, I am in the middle of rewiring Hatch and have decided to make a test unit that will enable me to check each board’s connections before I join them all up and find there is a short circuit, or more likely a dead soldered connection somewhere.
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But for now, I have, just for fun positioned the points build for me by my good friend Richard where they will go on the main lines. And plonked some track down. Knowing me I will be tempted to open a new front and start laying track as well as doing the electrics and the last of the woodwork.

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Dec 05 2017 10:27


As someone who lived at Ilminster and at Creech St Michael directly opposite the Paper Mill I will be watching closely. When I built a conservatory/porch onto the front of my house my neighbours put a sign on it "Hatch Junction".. They are the owners of "Wiveliscombe" on the exhibition circuit.

I have just got my garage back and am just about at the stage of putting up baseboards.

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