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Ventnor West - work starts

Posted by ChrisG , 05 September 2016 · 454 views

  • Test running day, March 2017
  • Test running day, March 2017
  • Test running day, March 2017
  • Test running day, March 2017
  • Ventnor West Station Shell
  • SAM 0782
  • Baseboard building day - 3
  • Baseboard building day - 2
  • Baseboard building day -1

Work has started on Ventnor West. Intended to be a "minor (ha ha) diversion" from building the loft layout (Cowes to Newport) this is intended as an exhibition extension to Mark Pretious's Merstone layout, which made its exhibition debut in February at the Alton Model Railway Group show.


Following a full day yesterday working on the baseboards (which had been bought from a friend as ready-assembled kits needing some modification and additions), we were able to lay the track into the station which will mean trackbuilding and laying (the fun bit) can follow.


My first thoughts are how different it is to be working on a small layout rather than a great sprawling thing in the loft. Every job (e.g. trackbuilding, wiring) is that much more achievable, with everything in reasonable bite-sized chunks.


The viewpoint is not what you would expect for this Station. It is looking downhill rather than uphill. This was because of the orientation of the already built Merstone. And Mark would NOT thank me for suggesting he should turn his layout around at this point.


What is it about the ever-restless modeller's mind? I haven't even started on the trackwork and already I'm thinking about possible extensions.

Meanwhile at the back of my 60 year old brain is the thought that I need an insurance policy against being unable to get up to the loft one day - hence the layout could also double as a future home layout, with, subject to space being available, the possibility of a number of modular extensions.


Anyway, first things first. We are up and running. Progress reports will follow as and when and photos in the gallery, which I hope is in some way magically linking itself to this blog.


Chris G

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Godfrey Glyn
Sep 10 2016 10:25

Really looking forward to following this blog Chris. I love the signal box. Pity its not to be viewed from the south, I could have provided you with a rough plan for the house overlooking the station yard!!

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