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Blog 2.0, rage quitting, Yorkshire ramblings, Stroudley and more dogs

Posted by Midland Mole , 13 August 2017 · 431 views

Blog 2.0, rage quitting, Yorkshire ramblings, Stroudley and more dogs

After what feels like forever, good morning everyone.


As many of you know I decided to take a break from RMweb for a little while just to calm down for a bit (with the exception of having to log on for work a couple of times). While I have always managed to ignore most of the negativity and complaining some people like to peddle on here, about 3 weeks ago I was pushed over the edge by the comments of a small number of people on a thread and It got me angrier than I felt was healthy.....I genuinely wanted to throw my PC against the wall. I was ready to leave this forum for good, but the support so many fellow members showed me on the thread itself, my status update and through PMs I decided to come back after I had sufficiently calmed down! :D


So here I am, a much calmer and zen like mole. (plus now every time I log on to the forum at home, I have my Coal Tank on the desk in front of me as looking at relaxes me...) ;)


Anyway, enough of that.


Only a couple of things to talk about in this blog post. Everyone is aware of the great Photobucket betrayal of '17, and a good number of RMwebbers were affected by it. I am leaving all my old blog posts up but sadly they pictures from them will no longer show and I don't have the time or patience to go through each one and try to replace them all. All the photos are safe on my PC, but I am never making the mistake of using a "free" hosting site again! :D


Last week I went on holiday to Yorkshire, probably my 5th or 6th holiday there over my life. But this is the first time I have ever been to York and not visited the NRM, which felt a little strange to be honest. One of my goals was to go and see the roof on Pickering station as i have not been to the NYMR since they put the station back to how it was. I must say I was very impressed by it and it gave the station a completely different atmosphere.
Attached Image
I admit to being less impressed by the price of going on the train.....and parking. I had been looking forward to travelling to Whitby by steam train for a while, but when I realised it would about £67 for the two of us including parking, we just drove to there (which was a very pleasant drive across the moors). I completely understand the costs of running a preserved railway, but I do think they are charging a little too much when compared to others of a similar length. But despite that and some very heavy rain when looking round York, we very much enjoyed our holiday. Highlights were definitely Fairfax House, a wonderfully preserved 18th town house, and the Cold War Bunker both in York.


On the modelling front not much of interest has been happening over the last couple of months. I did buy a very nice kit built LB&SC B1 that my boss had acquired. Thanks to some of my knowledgeable fellow forum members we came to the conclusion it was an old GEM kit.
Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image
It has been very nicely built and painted, with the only damage being the right side tender step, but I am probably going to repaint it in LB&SC IEG just like Gladstone.


The only other thing of interest is that after a lot of badgering, I convinced my boss to let me buy his last two Eastfield Snowploughs. I have been after these for ages!
Attached Image Attached Image
As you can see from the picture, these will be displayed as a top-tail with my Eastfield 37. All will be suitably weathered, possibly something like this:
Attached Image


I hope you enjoyed reading, and I will try to get more blog entries up as soon as I sort out a better situation for photographing stuff. :)

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Bit of fresh air does one the power of good Alex! I'm very familiar with the North York Moors, and yes the scenery is amazing, especially on the road over Chimney Top bank and Rosedale, which takes you from just outside a place called Kirkbymoorside to Egton Bridge on the Esk Valley line. Back to modelling, and I can see moving into bigger premises has done Footplate a lot of good. That Eastfield 37 suits the snowploughs well - my father rode in one of the 37s on the West Highland line from Glasgow to Fort 'Bill in the early 1980s. All the best, Liam
Well I am gad to see you back
milkman matt
Aug 13 2017 12:40

Welcome home. I reckon a touch of icing sugar should give you the weathering effect you are looking for on the ploughs! Of course, you do realise to make it look like the pic, you are going to have to buy another 37!  ;)

Aug 15 2017 08:02

Good to see you back Alex.  I bit the bullet and went to Grosmont and back to Pickering recently by train and drove to Whitby the next day for the same reason. ;)

Aug 15 2017 08:04

One of the reasons I hardly ever post on sites like this is the amount of idiots who think it their god given right to give negative comments on everything normal modellers actually produce. Yet I bet they never actually do any modelling themselves.

Midland Mole
Aug 15 2017 11:22

Thanks again everyone, the amount of positive comments over the last couple of days has been amazing! :)

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