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Chronicals of Crymlyn 'A shop'


1338 ready to leave 82G

Posted by davey4270 , 19 March 2018 - - - - - - · 63 views

6810 has already left 82G for her home at 87F.  
1338 will start her return journey to Crymlyn A Shop as soon as her crew are ready to depart.  
We hope her return will put our foreman in a better mood as little progress is being made on the Andrew Barclay locomotive contract.


6810 Blakemere Grange and 1338 await their duties at 82G

Posted by davey4270 , 12 March 2018 - * * * * * · 279 views

The Crymlyn A Shop foreman has a lot on his mind.  
Two of his locomotives have not returned from overhaul at Swindon,  
there's the announcement from Theresa May that all forms of traction other than electric will be banned after 2040  
and he still hasn't discovered who broke his chair.  
Worst of all, Charlie the Chippy has phon...


TEVAN at Crymlyn A Shop.

Posted by davey4270 , 08 March 2018 - - - - - - · 278 views

Under a contract with British Railways, Crymlyn A Shop has refurbished a TEVAN previously converted from a Dia X9 MICA.  The roof was heavily corroded and as BR did not want to go to the expense of a new roof it was covered with felt   The Foreman wonders why it was painted white as it will not remain this clean for long when it enters traffic....


1338 at 82G

Posted by davey4270 , 05 March 2018 - - - - - - · 310 views

1338 is prepared at 82G for her return to Crymlyn A Shop.  
Her fireman is checking through some sacks for suitable lumps of coal while our driver heads to the Khazi to ............... study form.


Sand drier at 82G

Posted by davey4270 , 26 February 2018 - - - - - - · 306 views

Blakemere Grange and 1338 wait by the sand drier at 82G.


6810 Blakemere Grange at 82G

Posted by davey4270 , 19 February 2018 - - - - - - · 301 views

The Foreman at Crymlyn A Shop is concerned that one of his locomotives is missing. 
It was sent to Swindon for overhaul and went missing on it's return!  
6810 Blakemere Grange is seen here on the turntable at 82G.  
Perhaps the 82G foreman has commandeered it for some work.  


New Years Eve at Crymlyn A Shop.

Posted by davey4270 , 31 December 2017 - - - - - - · 218 views

The final shunt at Crymlyn A Shop takes place on New Years Eve 2017.  
1338 propels four brand new P.O. wagons towards Graig Wen Colliery loading shed.  
The boyos at Crymlyn A Shop would like to wish all their followers a HAPPY NEW YEAR.


Christmas Holidays at Crymlyn A Shop.

Posted by davey4270 , 26 December 2017 - - - - - - · 320 views

There's been nobody here for the last few days.  
Two almost complete private owner wagons can be seen outside the shop waiting for Dai the Paint to return from his break and give them a final coat of varnish in the paint shop.  
They will then return to the works for their buffing and draw gear to be fitted.  
We hope th...


pacing 1142

Posted by davey4270 , 19 December 2017 - - - - - - · 104 views

I'll try to drive at a steadier pace next time.


1142 at Pantyffynon Junction.

Posted by davey4270 , 01 December 2017 - * * * * * · 128 views

1142 (a Hudswell Clarke) works an empty unfitted van train through Pantyffynon Junction towards Swansea.  She is working back from Graig Wen colliery to her home shed at Danygraig (87C).  This was my first attempt at an 0 gauge brass kit and must offer a big thank you to Peter Stamper for producing a superb kit of an unusual prototype.  I...


1338 & 1142 at Graig Wen Loco.

Posted by davey4270 , 28 November 2017 - - - - - - · 243 views

1338 & 1142 have arrived back at Graig Wen loco after their visit to the Warley club’s show at the NEC.  
The Crymlyn A Shop foreman is pleased that this time they were cleaned before the show.  
Apparently last years b********g has had the desired effect!


Clyne Valley & New Brook wagons at Graig Wen Colliery.

Posted by davey4270 , 17 November 2017 - - - - - - · 254 views

1338 shunts newly built New Brook and Clyne Valley Colliery wagons towards the coal loading shed at Graig Wen Colliery for their first load.  After delivering their loads they will work empty to their new owners.
We hope the Crymlyn A Shop foreman is happy with the progress in the Carriage & Wagon Department.


Clyne Valley and New Brook Wagons Completed.

Posted by davey4270 , 12 November 2017 - - - - - - · 139 views

It’s been a busy weekend at Crymlyn Carriage & Wagon Shop.  The foreman is not happy about all the overtime working but Dai the Paint and Percy Verence
have finished varnishing the wagon orders for Clyne Valley and New Brook Colleries.  No Doubt they will not stay this clean when they enter traffic.
1338 draws the two wagons out of the...


1338 at Pantyffynon Junction.

Posted by davey4270 , 09 November 2017 - - - - - - · 133 views

Two takes on 1338 running through Pantyffynon Junction. 


9642 at Pantyffynon Junction.

Posted by davey4270 , 09 November 2017 - - - - - - · 112 views

9642 pilots a failed Jinty through Pantyffynon Junction with a Shrewsbury to Swansea train.  



Posted by davey4270 , 07 November 2017 - - - - - - · 319 views

Here at Crymlyn A Shop the artwork for the next two P.O. wagon orders has arrived.  
No doubt Dai the Paint will be working overtime for the next few weeks.  
Two almost complete wagons can be seen at the back of the shop with 1338.  
​The wagons are waiting for a coat of varnish and buffers & couplings to be fitted  
​The wagon...



Posted by davey4270 , 24 October 2017 - - - - - - · 171 views

There’s been little activity in the main erecting bay at Crymlyn A Shop but Dai the Paint and Charlie the Chippy have been busy in the Carpentry Shop.  1338 is shunting two new wagons into a different bay for their brake gear to be fitted.  This time, due to complaints, they have picked two wagons with non Welsh words for our English readers....


1338 on show.

Posted by davey4270 , 13 October 2017 - - - - - - · 215 views

It’s been a quiet week here at Crymlyn A Shop.  Work has stopped on locomotive 1140 due to a late delivery of brake components.
Percy Verence and Owen the spanner have failed to construct the water tank.  It has been sent to outside contractor MINERVA Manufacturing Railway Company for assembly.
The foreman has been testing a new turntable....


1140 update 1.

Posted by davey4270 , 03 October 2017 - - - - - - · 350 views

Work at Crymlyn A Shop today has involved fitting cylinder cladding, front & back cylinder covers and the front and rear buffer plank support brackets.  
The lower slide bars have also been attached to the slide bar support brackets.  
Some packing is needed for the top support brackets and advantage was taken for a quick picture while the...


Abdrew Barclay 1140

Posted by davey4270 , 29 September 2017 - - - - - - · 394 views

This week at Crymlyn A Shop some progress has been made on the Andrew Barclay contract locomotive 1140.  A visit by the A.B. engineer, Mr. Trevor Cousins, solved some of the problems with the frames resulting in a silky smooth running chassis.  The motion bracket, cylinder frames and slide bars have been erected on the L/H engine.  Visib...

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