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1338 update 7.

Posted by davey4270 , 06 September 2017 · 192 views

After the weekends overtime at Graig Wen colliery, Telford the Crymlyn A Shop boyos have been hard at work on 1338.


A minor problem encountered was buffer compression/drawbar stretching on a very tight curve.


This caused the locomotive to slow when coupled to its wagons shunting over this curve. This was not a problem when running light engine.
Our foreman's solution is to slightly shorten the buffers, they will not compress as the shaft touches the front of the cylinders, and shorten the drawbar spring.


His logic being that 1338 will rarely work more than 6 or so wagons so the drawbar can be weakly sprung to allow it to be pulled out of the buffer beam on tight curves.


The distinctive buffer overlays have also been attached at the front.


‚ÄčThese were blackened with Carr's black for steel and attached with a small blob of Araldite.


‚ÄčThe buffers may rotate so will have to be straightened as necessary when the locomotive is working.




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