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Bakewell interior lights

Posted by RobBrooks1 , 07 December 2017 · 351 views

As the nights are drawing in, I have been adding the interior lights supplied in the same pack with the DCC concepts swan neck platform lights. These are connected to the same 12V power supply and have a choice of resistors supplied. I was able to connect all 6 LED's in a line and marked out the alignment corresponding to each room division.


The effect of the lights is to create a soft glow in the rooms, very different from the brightness of the platform lights. The flickering fireplace lights are also installed on the same circuit too and add a warm glow to keep the cold evenings of the Peak District at bay!!


The next job is to install the signage and posters round the station. I have downloaded these from the Scalescenes website

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Dec 07 2017 11:20
They look good. Presumably you have copies if Stan Robert’s articles from Railway Modeller, 74-75?
Dec 07 2017 14:01

Hi,  I  don't have access to this. I am relying on old photos of the station from "Disused stations.org" and have visited the present site on several occasions

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