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Posted by Huggy , 10 February 2018 · 293 views

Well quite a productive weekend so far, foul and frigid weather out encouraging me to get on with things! The corner farmyard is coming on - few more details in the Tillingham topic on the layout pages - with the buildings basically done, just needing gutters and downpipes for the barn still, then I really must do the fences around it, and those alongside the line. I've kind of been putting that off as I'm sure it will be fiddly in extremis...
Got a good deal on a terrace of low-relief houses by Superquick for when the town portion of the layout gets done, which won't be for a while yet, still not decided on the rest of what will go on there, but the main thing now is to get the scenic part and the fiddle yard board back together and make sure everything runs and clears all the bits of infrastructure.
Here's the farmyard building group, roughly in place, the little stable on the left, a pig sty - the farmer doesn't go in for big scale pig rearing, just a few for the home - and the barn, all weathered up without going mad, as they are supposed to be reasonably new structures in the 50s. The muddy yard needs some flatting as it's a bit shiny, then I'll get busy with some rough grass tufts, general debris etc, and put some DeLuxe materials instant water in the puddles and ruts, finally I have a couple of figures to paint, pony and pigs. I got hold of a Field Marshall tractor and a Series 1 Land Rover for the farmer recently.


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