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Building a switch panel - part 2

Posted by ifoulds , in Electrical 06 September 2017 · 433 views

Slow but steady progress with building the switch panel. I have all of the LEDs wired up to the connector blocks, and all of the jumper wires for the toggle switches and common power from the capacitor discharge unit. The rear of the panel is starting to look pretty busy!


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All of the point motors and electrical work on the north side of the station is now complete. I still have to wire in the status LEDs for which way the points are thrown, but all the motors and toggle switches work correctly and switch polarity. I do need three frog juicers where I'm using surface mounted Peco PL-11 switches, as they don't have accessory switches like the Seep PM-1's do. I don't think there's much involved in the frog juicers, just a wire from the DCC bus wires and then to the frog for the point. The wiring isn't super neat and tidy compared to some, but it's functional and works for me.


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I'm pretty excited to have this north side of the station done, as I was able to cut the rods that come up from the point motors and then start running some trains. Even without some of the frogs being hooked up, the trains can mostly still make it over them. I'm starting to see real progress now, and with just a couple of kinks that I worked out with wiring, the south side of the switch panel should be pretty quick. All that track is electrified already, and a number of the point motors already have most of their wiring done. I'm hoping within the next week I'll be mostly finished with this part of the switch panel and wiring.


Video for part 2 of the build is on the YouTube channel. Do subscribe and follow along, as I find video is a great way to share how things are coming together.


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