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The Long Drag to Garsdale – Same but different Trees

Posted by Southern Fabricator , 10 August 2018 · 406 views

I’ve been slowly working through my first third of a forest of wire wound trees and like making slate roofing for my Garsdale buildings I found myself, forgive the pun, wound up!
You do get much better at it when making several trees at a time and it’s amazing how every tree turns out to be an individual. The spruce tree on platform one, opposite the railway workers cottages I found slightly more challenging due to its shape and small size and now version three appears to be on the right track. I’ve got approximately 40 trees to go at this stage so I’ll be in for the long haul. But would you believe it, now I need more florist wire.

A week later and I’m into making the intermediate sized wired trees. These consist of ten to twelve strands giving fewer branches and less wasted wire. The white spruce that is situated between the Carlisle platform and the railway workers cottages has been a challenge to make as
many of my trials were binned before I arrived at a suitable tapered trunk frame and fir branch arrangement.

Yet another week and I’ve started on the small trees that stand about 25 - 30 mm high or about 2.3 metres scale height. Up to six or eight 150 mm long wire strands work out well.
This took me another good week to complete. And now.... with that all done there’s still more work to add the foliage but in the meantime here’s some progress photos.

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