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More Test Etch Results - A little bit of fun!

Posted by -missy- , 01 April 2012 · 1,176 views

smash apple please

I havent really has much time to get any serious modelling done this weekend so instead I decided to have a little bit of fun and see if my engine body I added to my test etch would actually go together. I havent had much luck with the bits and pieces on this test etch with various faults appearing when I put them together so I didnt hold out much luck for this one....

Attached Image

It doesnt exactly slot together but with a little bit of fiddling I managed to get the bits to fit together and I am quite pleased with the result so far. Hopefully people will reconise the engine which I decided to make mainly because it has a nice large area I can fit the motor! The only bit I havent figured out how to make yet is the crosshead and associated bits, if anyone has any ideas then please let me know!

Finally the car boot sales have started once again and I was pleased with this sundays find...

Attached Image

Its a really good quality vice and something I have been trying to find for a while now, it looks like a jeweller vice to me? Anyway at £3 I cant complain!

Missy :)
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hi Julia yes you can get some good bargains at car boots i find a lot of files that can be used for rough work are around and cheat
Apr 01 2012 21:07
The vice looks like an absolute snip.

The little narrow gauge loco looks lovely (Prince?). John Greenwood built a couple of silly small n/g locos a few years ago. He is at Trainwest Melksham in a couple of weeks with Wenfordbridge so come along and pick his brains, it would be great to see you.

Hello Nigel and Jerry.

Hopefully todays findings at the car boots are an omen for the rest of the season, I am very happy with the vice as its the best one I have found so far, it looks top quality.

The engine is indeed Prince, its a total experiment as far as engine building goes and not something I am going to rush to get finished. It was something I drew in autocad a while ago and added it to the test etch purely to make up space. The picture above was the result of about 2 hours work this evening mainly because I didnt want to end up with no modelling this weekend. Dont expect to see another post about it in the near future!

I have been toying with the idea of comming along to Trainwest and am still undecided mainly becuase I have done more then my fair share of driving this month this weekend. I need something to make it worthwhile going although it would be nice to meet up again Jerry.

M :)
Alex Duckworth
Apr 01 2012 22:49
Very nice indeed. Also the vice is a great find, amazing for the money.

Nice work Missy. Regarding the crossheads. Now you are into etching a fold up design for the couplings rods,conrod and the crossheads should be feasible either in Nickel or Steel. Actually you could probably make the rods simple with no fold up but for a crosshead two halves half etched where the slidbars run sweat the two halves together should provide the grooves for the slifebars . Mind you I think you have a miller so you could do something with that in a similar fashion.
Apr 02 2012 12:08
Put 'IVOR' on the sides. He didn't have any cross heads. Lots of whistles though.
Very nice work Julia. I remember playing on 'Welsh Pony' (a bigger version of Prince) when it was plinthed outside Porthmadog station years ago! I think you've captured the look of these engines really well.

Put 'IVOR' on the sides. He didn't have any cross heads. Lots of whistles though.

That was a very courageous comment, Rich! Anyway, didn't Ivor have side tanks?

Apr 02 2012 13:05
all I ever see at boot fairs is complete tat

excellent modelling as always :good_mini:

Very nice work Julia. I remember playing on 'Welsh Pony' (a bigger version of Prince) when it was plinthed outside Porthmadog station years ago! I think you've captured the look of these engines really well.

Thanks Andy.

I am a bit pleased on how it turned out, especially as I havent really has much luck with the bits on my latest test etch. You are so correct when you say it LOOKS right, it looks right to me so Im happy with it! I took it into work today to have a think about a chassis for it and have come up with hopefully a solution but this will be the smallest chassis I have done to date.

The problem is I seem to be so easily distracted with things like this, I REALLY must concentrate on Highclere and get some work done on that, especially as there is another show comming up in a few months time.

all I ever see at boot fairs is complete tatexcellent modelling as always :good_mini:

Trust me Nick, the vice was the exception rather than the norm! 99% of the time I never see anything that interests me. Thank you though.

As someone pointed out on another blog recently that I have quite a collection of engines that dont really work right now (I am assuming it was me they were on about) I would like to say that I have not forgotten about them! I am just trying to concentrate (rather badly too) on the layout first, then hopefully I can turn my attention onto engines and rolling stock (which I love making). I dont know how others model but I struggle with the problem of trying something out then loosing interest with it once I have tried it out, am I alone?

Missy :)
Jan 12 2014 01:47

Any chance of making Prince available for general punters?  My kids call my father Grandpuff (following the story in Duke the Lost Engine by Wilbert Awdry) and we were thinking it would be nice to have a model Grandpuff!

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