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Hornby Pullman Coaches

Posted by Geneng , 11 September 2017 · 230 views


I have been looking for Hornby Pullman oval spring buffers. A lot of the coaches offered on Ebay seem to have missing buffers. Research indicates that it is extremely difficult to find the correct spares and Hornby are currently only able offer one type of spring buffer. I am hopeful that my purchase of buffers from an Ebay supplier will fit or at least be adaptable.

Sep 12 2017 06:56

Just a thought but you might have got more response if you had posted this as a general inquiry in the "Modeling questions and help" thread some one on there might have come across this problem before.

Lateral thinking - in the  days before Hornby produced these coaches RTR, people will have built kits. Someone will therefore have done suitable Pullman buffers. I'd be tempted to explore that route, pick one donor vehicle to have all 4 buffers removed and replaced with whitemetal castings or whatever you source - and then salvage the buffer heads and reuse them to make good the other vehicles you buy.


The obvious places to look would be Dart/MJT and Wizard/Comet. The replacement buffers dont have to be sprung because you'd be doing a full replacement job on the vehicle in question - and the other coaches would be fixed with the sprung buffer heads you recover

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