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Tri-ang Transcontinental R.55 - Hornby Doublo 3 rail conversion Project Update #1 + could use some help!

Posted by The Tri-ang scale modeler , 09 September 2017 · 360 views

I have heard about Hornby Doublo quite a few years ago when I received a special book which would effectively begin my madness with OO (in a good way) I decided to undertake this project as my love for vintage trains, especially some which had never been created.


One example a official Tri-ang R.55 from the 50's that had been made, and I bought I one such example on eBay but too do so... I am going to do something a bit more unique so too speak, something which I am not sure a whole lot of people have done which is to convert a Tri-ang transcontinental to work with a DC CD motor, but at the same time be powered by an AC transformer (I can use a basic Lionel controller for one train operation), now I have never done such a thing like this before so I'll need all the help I can get.


I've already shortened the chassis off an old HST from Hornby Railways and have used a piece of polystyrene to attach it together (the original weight is in there as well.) but am temporarily attached the shell to the chassis via friction. When I get around to finishing the Electronics I'll attach the chassis together to the shell with (appropriately made in America) Testors polystyrene cement


I am not entirely certain on how to convert a Bo-Bo- Diesel to 3 Rail, especially with the scratch-building the power pickups, or modifying available examples to work with the system. but I am sure it can be done in some way or another specifically' AC to DC" which I am not entirely certain on how to do do, I know this is a bit ironic but I understand you could have gotten a converter from Radio Shack a few years back, but in my area all the Radio Shacks have closed permanently and I forgotten the name of the converter. If their is some sort of converter out there that can fit into a R.55 Diesel please DO tell!! that's one of the reason's of why I am not certain of how to do this to be frankly honest.


The Diesel I'd prefer to be painted a Holiday red.It should become quite clear within the next month or two. what the master plan is.


Ignore that cut and chop job that I did that'll be filled in with Milliput, sanded then primed via brush painting (he latter job goes with the bod shell which needs a re-do, obviously except for sanding the body) just need to acquire an actual Official Holiday Red paint (I am not sure, MIg might have something feasible?) and I know I could potentially use a gloss coat of some description.



The primer, paint, gloss varnish and AC-DC converter are confusing.. plus resistors, which one should I use for this project? many thanks! for the help!

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Sep 10 2017 14:34

Hornby Dublo was three rail DC, with the centre rail insulated. If you're starting with a 2-rail model you could route one set of the pick-up wires to a third rail skate. I don't know about Lionel controllers though.

You might be able to get skates on ebay, like this one.

The Tri-ang scale modeler
Sep 10 2017 15:19

Thanks for that! I actually found a much older completed variant, just out of sheer luck. i'll send a link after I purchase it, I believe the guy has two in stock, regardless of the Lionel controller which I did see work. I am pretty sure the only trouble is the power conversion. I know MTH might  have something in stock or available. i'll send a link to the video https://www.youtube....h?v=v01GcHLAuwg The inspiration should make a whole lot more people's lives easier who live here who especially have HO/OO 3 rail in Canada or America ..

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