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Mile End Park

Posted by Norton Wood , in Mile End Park 11 October 2017 · 470 views

To begin hello my name is Tom, I am a modeler who lives in East Anglia and models the GER Section of the LNER or BR period.


For many years building a model railway was always something I wanted to get round to doing. In the end I managed to do so and I'm now planning my first Exhibition layout with my Model Club - The Whitwell & Reepham Model Railway Club. Between the group we own and look after many layouts, between me and a friend of mine we own a layout called MILE END PARK - The Photo's show are those of MEP when it was being built.


The Idea for MEP came about when I went to London Liverpool St heading through Stratford, I thought what if there was a small shed in-between Stratford and Liverpool St as Stratford Overflowed with engines. Thinking about this I thought about a Location using Google Maps ( Yes not very professional) I saw Mile End Park and thought that is a fantastic name and said to myself ' Yeah that will do'


The intention was to build a DCC Shed Layout and that is what me and my mate did, we did this to practice & develop our skills, I myself did the track laying and wiring for the layout. and my mate did the whole of the scenery as that is his expertise.


As you can see the layout quickly formed over the space of two months, we took the layout to it's first Exhibition at Bawdeswell Model Railway Show (Near Reepham, Norfolk) in 2017, the layout received some compliments and some criticism (Then again who doesn't) :onthequiet:. The Criticism came from that there way not much going on. The Principal idea was that Locomotives came on for Water, Coal and would have there Ash Pans and Smoke boxes Cleared out ready for return running either at Liverpool St or Stratford. The enthusiasts recommended a Mainline which had Jazz services or Smaller Suburban and Express Services running through regularly, which was something I wanted to do as I myself when I go to model railway exhibitions look to see layouts with regular running much like layouts like Gresley Beat, something always going on and there's always a Gem which appears like the Silver Jubilee or the P1 hauling a monstrous freight train.


So myself and Rob have very recently decided to start again; However we have learnt a lot when building the layout and we are keeping MEP MK1 as it is and will use it to demonstrate and show case locomotives which are and will be used on MEP Mk 2. The layout will comprise of a few things:

  • Double Track Mainline - Using the New Bullhead Rail from Peco ( The rest of the yard will be using Code 75 Peco rail as it's cheaper and it's going to be hidden by the ballast.
  • Locomotive Pits - At least 4 - 2 of which will run into a shed and will appear to be longer than they are.... - Just to save on cost) The other two will be Full length for servicing Mainline Locomotives like Britannia's, B1's, B12's, Clauds, J15's etc.
  • The layout will also feature a shed for the pilot and works shunter, we are hoping that a RTR Manufacturer will bring out a J68 or J69 for this purpose.
  • Mainline can be run in both DC & DCC
These are done to make sure the layout can accommodate the club as whole as only myself and Rob operate in DCC even then we have bought locomotives specially for MEP and have our own separate DC locomotives.


Finally I am going to talk Era & Locomotives


So far we have collected as a team a few locomotives from Hornby predominantly for MEP so far we have:

  • Hornby BR Britannia Thomas Hardy 70034- R3444 - Currently the only BR Standard the layout has
  • Hornby Apple Green Thompson B1 61310 -R3338
  • Hornby D16 Claud Hamilton E2524 - R3235 - This will be weathered and renumbered
  • Hornby BR Late Crest Black 5 45010 - R2995XS - This was an older Hornby Digital Model Which Rob dug up a while ago
  • Hornby BR Late Crest K1 62064 - R3243B - Found in a model shop for £100 which was found to have Olivia's trains sound in which made the model worth double that ( Not including the added Lamps, Firebox Flicker which all work with the model) :sungum:
  • Hornby Railroad LNER B17 Liverpool 2864 - R3588 - As Hornby are doing this locomotive it means a DCC Chip can be put into the locomotive plus it can support the conversion for the B17 to become the Streamlined B17 East Anglian in BR Black 61659 - Something which isn't modeled and which we would like to see.
  • Finally we plan to get a x2 Oxford Rail N7's for the Suburban services, Hornby J15 and a J69 the aim is to have more than one, including the Liverpool St pilot (Blue Angel) Which was notorious for poor steaming (& not the preserved J69 at Bressingham)
Anyway I hope you enjoyed what I've had to say, if anyone would like to ask me some questions feel free


Regards Tom

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Norton Wood
Oct 11 2017 20:20

Please feel free to follow the progress of this layout


In the next part I will have photo's of most of the current locomotives that we already have for the MEP

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