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Mile End Park Update Part 2

Posted by Norton Wood , in Mile End Park 12 October 2017 · 320 views



Another update regarding Mile End Park, today in a mixture of things that have been completed/ started.


Track Plan:


So far we have managed to drop all our ideas into two drawings this will slowly develop into the layout as we know it. The plans are pretty self explanatory :)




In terms of scenic's we have bought a number of the Bachmann retaining walls so far we have bought two boxes and a double tunnel mouth entrance, however we know that 2 boxes of these is not enough so we have ordered four more boxes on our previous Layout MEP Mk 1 we only needed 3 boxes of which we only used half a box. In total Bachmann give you only two of these wall sections ( And they aren't cheep) plus a smaller section (Shown in the photographs) However they look very nice and I fully intend to weather them up.




As per the buildings a potential contender for the Small Loco shed has been started (This started out life as an old Hornby shed) this might go on the layout as the storage shed for the N7's J69's (If there is ever an RTR Model) and the J15's. The windows on the model will be much smaller and possibly rounded to match eastern region practice. This shed again will suit the old LNER themed paint scheme to fit our layout set in 1948 - 1960 - Of course it's more set to 1950 or so because of certain locomotives that we have right now.


A Water Tower has also been sourced currently painted in the liver scheme of the M&GNJR however this is likely to be repainted into Matt Black then given a Plasti-card brick wall around the feet. However I cannot be too certain about this.


Finally our Lever frame box, this again suiting the old LNER Green & Cream livery this buildings door has come off due to bomb damage, sadly workmen haven't come round to fixing it yet. This is the first piece of the Layout which has been completed. The aim is also to get the baseboards completed soon so the layout can advance and we can see what track can be placed where.


Well that's all I have time for sadly, however if you have questions please feel free to ask :derisive:


Hope you enjoyed

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